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Employees overwhelmingly reject TAFE NSW's EBA offer
11 May 2016

The TAFE Commission of NSW will have to return to the negotiation table over an enterprise agreement for TAFE teachers and related employees after its proposal was overwhelmingly rejected by employees.

Ninety one per cent of ballots cast were NO votes — employees rejecting the most significant attack on the working conditions in decades and the undermining of the quality of TAFE educational delivery.

Federation President Maurie Mulheron congratulated members on securing the NO vote.

"When negotiations resume, we will continue to defend the working conditions of TAFE teachers," he said.

TAFE NSW called for the ballot after it unilaterally terminated bargaining for a new agreement.

The proposal included:

  • teachers being required to teach 100 hours more per year, by losing the five non-teaching weeks
  • teachers having to attend an additional 205 hours per year by moving the five hours off-site to an on-site requirement
  • teachers being required to attend work for five days, regardless of the number of hours worked on any day in their weekly timetable
  • part time casual teachers having no entitlement to related duties payment — a hard fought entitlement previously won by Federation members
  • the introduction of a new position called Trainer, paid much less than a teacher and requiring lesser qualifications

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Email sent to members 
Ballot result declaration 


03 May 2016


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Beware of dodgy TAFE offer - vote NO

20 April 2016

TAFE teachers are being asked to vote No to an enterprise agreement which forces onerous conditions on teachers. TAFE NSW has unilaterally terminated bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement for TAFE Teachers and Related Employees. The TAFE bargaining team indicated it will move swiftly to ballot in an endeavour to push through the proposed new Agreement.

The move comes as the Baird government’s attempts to denigrate TAFE backfired spectacularly yesterday when a report commissioned by TAFE Minister John Barilaro lauded a private VET provider which just last week was shown to be a scandal-ridden entity being investigated by federal police and the ACCC.

“We are calling on teachers to vote ‘NO’ and reject the attack on their salaries, their conditions and ultimately the TAFE system,” said Teachers Federation President Maurie Mulheron.

See details in NSW Teachers Federation’s media release here.

Click here to view an email sent to all TAFE members today (20/04/2016).

Click here for Prime7 video coverage of TAFE's future.

PSA Strike action taken against NSW TAFE

28 April 2016

Public Service Association members will undertake protected industrial action this afternoon at Ultimo TAFE over failed salaries negotiations with TAFE NSW.

The PSA, which covers administrative staff, reports TAFE NSW proposes:

  • increasing weekly working hours for 80 per cent of workers, from 35 to 36.25 hours, for no extra pay
  •  a refusal to pay staff a back-dated pay increase despite not receiving a pay rise since July 2014
  •  no agreement which protects staff that transfer to the new classification structure from downgrading in salary
  •  removal of rostered days off
  •  no agreement to protect current permanent positions from being converted to permanent part year with up to 22 weeks of forced unpaid leave.

Teachers and related employees are also in dispute with TAFE NSW over their separate enterprise agreement. The proposed agreement is the most significant attack on the working conditions of teachers and related employees in decades. In order to ensure that TAFE management returns to the negotiating table, all TAFE teachers and related employees are urged to vote NO in the electronic ballot. The voting period is May 5-10. Detailed information explaining Federation’s concerns is available on the Federation website https://www.nswtf.org.au/news/2016/04/20/beware-dodgy-tafe-offer-vote-no.html.

Only PSA members can participate in the protected industrial action at Ultimo TAFE today. Earlier this month PSA members overwhelmingly endorsed industrial action in a Protected Action Ballot, which enables those members to take legally-protected action.

PSA members unable to travel to Ultimo have been asked to gather in front of their TAFE college and post a photo on social media.