18 reasons to join the Federation

1. Professional and industrial strength

By joining one of the largest trade unions in NSW, you will strengthen its capacity to advocate the concerns and
aspirations of public school teachers to achieve improved salaries, working conditions and professional development.

2. Legal assistance and welfare advice

Federation provides information and advice to its financial members on teachers’ working conditions and
entitlements. This includes assistance and advice to protect employment rights of members in legal matters.

3. Individual representation

Your workplace has an elected Federation Representative and Women’s Contact who can provide advice and assistance. You can also contact a Federation Organiser on (02) 9217 2100 or 1300 654369 for individual assistance.

4. Voting rights and representation

Representation and voting rights in the decision-making forums of the union, including at local association meetings, Council and Annual Conference.

5. Communications Room

The Federation operates a call centre to answer members’ enquiries on working conditions and a range of employment issues.

6. TAFE/Corrective Services phone duty Officer

Federation answers enquiries from members working in the post school education area including TAFE and
Corrective Services.

7. Access to up to date information

Education, a free journal for members, Federation keeps members informed of developments in education, union
activities and available member services.

8. Federation website

Federation’s website contains useful information, including the latest Federation news and campaign material.
Members receive a password to access more information concerning their working conditions and campaigns.

9. Anna Stewart Program

This affirmative action program provides opportunities that aim to increase involvement of women members
in the union.

10. Eric Pearson Study Grant

This grant is awarded annually to a member to undertake research in Australia or overseas on an issue of practical significance to members.

11. Trade Union Training courses

Access to paid relief is available to allow members to attend a variety of courses to develop their skills and union knowledge.

12. Centre for Professional Learning

The CPL is the union-supported professional learning centre and provides Federation members with high
quality courses, conferences and teaching support.

13. Journal of Professional learning (JPL)

All members receive the JPL to support their teaching and professional practice.

14. Library

Federation’s Library provides members with a comprehensive and up to date information service.

15. Teachers Federation Health

Federation members can join this top fund at competitive contribution rates. Services include competitive travel insurance.

16. Teachers Mutual Bank

Teachers Mutual Bank offers a wide range of products and services with competitive interest rates.

17. Teachers Health Centres 

Teachers Health Centres provide eye and dental services, with substantial discounts for Federation members.

18. Future Teacher Scholarships

Each year the Federation provides 14 Trainee Teacher Scholarships valued at $4000 each, two of which are funded by the Retired Teachers Association.

Authorised by John Dixon, General Secretary, NSW Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills 2010. 15129


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