ESL - Going, Going, Gone?

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Federation’s campaign to protect ESL provision and services is reaching a critical point.


A petition in support of this campaign is also currently being circulated by members of the working party and will be presented to the Legislative Assembly early next year. The petition calls on the NSW government to agree to:

  • maintain an effective ESL Program in NSW supported by a state wide service plan
  • guarantee targeted funding and delivery of ESL services, staffed by qualified ESL teachers
  • establish an accountability framework to monitor and report on the access and effectiveness of ESL services for the ESL target group
  • ensure schools continue to have access to local expert support from Multicultural/ ESL consultants, Refugee Support and Community Information Officers by re-establishing this service in the new departmental structure.


The need to inform your local school communities of this vital issue is paramount. Federation asks all members to use the information and links below, including the executive summary of the report, petition, community groups letters to the Minister and other materials. This will enable teachers to talk to their local communities and lobby their local members of parliament.

Current Members of the NSW Parliament

Campaign Resources

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