DPs Conference

The Federation Executive has determined to hold a “DPs” Conference on Saturday 2 September at Federation’s Conference Centre, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills.

The conference will include a mixture of plenary sessions and workshops on a range of topics pertinent to Deputy Principals. The conference will provide an opportunity to explore and seek advice on a range of topics, network with colleagues and discuss school based issues.

As a general guideline, members eligible to attend the conference are those in schools where they are required to run the school in the principal’s absence. This includes:

  • Deputy Principals in High Schools or Primary Schools
  • APs in schools where there is no Deputy Principal
  • HTs in High Schools or Central Schools where there is no Deputy Principal

Federation will fund one primary, and one secondary member fitting the criteria above, from each Association. An Association Officer (President or Secretary) must confirm approval of the Association delegate by signing the conference application form. Additional delegates may be sent to the conference at the cost of the Association, or at the cost to the individual.

Additional places will be available for members from the following groups, with selection of delegates taking into account geographical location and gender:

  • Central Schools (up to 10 places)
  • Aboriginal members (up to 10 places)
  • Special Education Schools (up to 10 places)
  • Small Schools (up to 10 places)

Attached is a registration form for all participants including a travel and accommodation booking section for country participants. All accommodation and flights for Federation funded delegates is booked by Federation.

Federation regards this conference as an important forum for Deputy Principals and encourages all eligible members to participate.

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