Launch of The Centenary Year

17 February 2018
Conference Centre, 23 - 33 Mary Street, Surry Hills, 2010

2018 is the Centenary of the New South Wales Teachers Federation… As we celebrate 100 years of Teacher Unity, this is an opportunity to highlight the historic contribution Federation has made to the uplifting of teacher professionalism, teachers industrial rights and working conditions, highlighting the role of teachers in society, to emphasising the critical importance of public education and the need to ensure its universal access… as well as showcasing Federation's commitment to internationalism and the labour movement.

Reflecting on the past 100 years offers a unique lens through which to view the history of education and the contribution of teachers in New South Wales, and in Australia. It is an opportunity to affirm who we are as a professional and Industrial organization, and how we got here, and it is also an opportunity to mark out our path forward. 2018 is as much about the future, as it is about the pride we can embrace over what has been done in the past. There a number of projects anticipated for 2018. These plans centre around three key pillars:

  1. To Celebrate the history and success of the teachers federation,
  2. to Preserve that history for future generations of members,
  3. and to engage both our members and the public in the story of the Federation, and outline a clear vision for the future of teacher unionism.

We will reinvigorate the “teachers make a difference campaign” to provide our members with the validation they deserve for their personal and professional commitments to Australian education. There is now a clear brand identity for the centenary, ensuring our messages are consistent and coherent. This visual collateral of our communications will provide a dynamic blueprint for the next 100 years.