Newcastle TA General Meeting & Dinner with Special Guest

11 September 2019
The Beach Hotel, 99 Frederick Street, Merewether

The Newcastle Teachers Association invites you to join them at their Meetings

The Newcastle Teachers Association meets at 4.45pm at The Beach Hotel, 99 Frederick Street, Merewether.

You don’t have to be the Federation Representative at your school to attend an Association meeting. All financial members are welcome to attend these meetings.

Associations play an important role in formulating policy for the NSW Teachers Federation via ‘motions’ which are presented at Council meetings.

The Association meetings are an opportunity to:

  • Share information with colleagues

  • Network with teachers in your district

  • Social connections

  • Develop public speaking skills

  • Access your Organiser

  • Voice your concerns, have an input in ongoing matters and to have common issues presented at Council for resolution.

    Flyers for Association meetings are emailed out to all financial and new members of the Association.

    For further information please contact:

    NSWTF Newcastle Regional Office
    1/1 Hopetoun Street, Charlestown
    Ph: 4920 9833