Conference session proposal form

Proposals will be reviewed by our Conference Organising Committee and be selected on the following criteria:

  • Links to the conference areas/themes
  • Coherence and quality of the proposal
  • Audience (teacher unionists) interest in the topic
  • Relevance of content to the profession and engagement during presentation
  • Potential to offer new knowledge and insights on key issues that may benefit attendees and enrich attendee experience
  • Included supplemental materials submitted with your proposal
  • Presentation is suitable for a national/international audience
  • Any broadcast used, materials distributed for or during the session should not breach any copyright requirements.

Session Confirmation
After sessions have been selected, presenters will be contacted via email and be required to confirm their attendance.
The confirmation will require the following additional information for the selected session:

Presenter information including

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Email
  • Bio
  • Headshot
  • Session abstract (short explanation of session)

Tips and Things to Keep in Mind
Consider how your session relates to LGBTIQ+ educators or LGBTIQ+ education in schools, as well as the main themes of the conference.

Brainstorm ways to make your session dynamic and interactive, integrating audience participation into the session (beyond question and answer at the end).

Be sure to focus session time on substantive content. DO NOT spend time on presenter bios during the session. This information consumes valuable session time and will be available to attendees via our conference program. Please be realistic in setting session goals and picking possible presenters (i.e. pick presenters you have a reasonable chance of securing for your session).

If accepted, your session may be scheduled at any time during the morning or afternoon sessions of the conference on Tuesday 28 February 2023.

Conference registration will be provided for speakers presenting at the conference

Primary Contact
Session information

Sessions will be 45 minutes.

For example equipment, technology, group sessions etc...
Presenter information