Keep Gonski: Contact your local Coalition MP

With Mike Baird’s retirement from politics, the future of Gonski school funding in NSW just became less certain.

Soon there will be a new premier who will select a new cabinet and set a new policy agenda. We need Federation members and Gonski supporters to call NSW Coalition members and deliver the message that the people of NSW expect to see needs-based funding as a continuing part of the Government’s platform.

The most direct way to get this message across is for a large number of people to call the offices of Coalition MPs and MLC members and tell them that as a NSW voter, you expect them to support Gonski needs-based funding in NSW.

If you live in a NSW Coalition Electoral seat, please click here to locate your MP’s contact details.

If you live in a Labor or independent seat, then please contact one or more of the Coalition members of the Legislative Council (see contact list below).

You can use the sample script below to deliver the message, or add your own examples of the impact that Gonski funding is having in your local school and community.

Click here for Federation's statement on Baird retirement.

Sample Script:

My name is __________ and I live in (suburb/electorate). First, I’d like to acknowledge the work of the NSW Coalition in supporting Gonski, needs-based funding for our schools. It is making a big difference for students and communities who are able to better address the effects of disadvantage through targeted resources and programs.

As a voter in NSW, I urge (MP/MLC member’s name) to continue to support needs-based school funding in the NSW Parliament.

[MLC contact list]

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