Marriage Equality Campaign

Marriage equality campaign

Marriage equality is a long-standing Federation platform, reaffirmed by a decision of 2011 Annual Conference that stated (in part): "The discriminatory practices of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, heterosexism and monosexism are infringements of members’ rights, the rights of students we teach and the rights of individuals within the communities in which we work, and must be challenged and eliminated." Consequently, Federation is supporting the campaigning efforts of the Yes campaign.

More recently, Federation, along with other branches and associated bodies of the Australian Education Union, agreed that continuing to pursue a postal vote prior to a parliamentary vote was disgraceful and contradicted the proper role of government; to respect, support and protect citizens.

Federation is deeply concerned about the effect of this debate on the LGBTIQ community and specifically our members, young people and families in our pre-schools, schools and TAFEs.


Talk to family and friends

Members are encouraged to have conversations with their friends, family and neighbours about marriage equality and why the law should be updated. The resources below can help with these conversations.

Join a calling event

Because talking to people across the country and asking them to vote Yes for equality is so important, if you have spoken to everyone you know you can join a calling event with Australian Marriage Equality (AME). Visit to register your attendance at a training and/or a calling event.

Participate in a local event

Local events in support of marriage equality will also be held across the state, and nation. Federation encourages members to attend such events. has a range of local events including rallies, parties, street stalls, chalkings, barbeques, door knocking and other events listed on their website. Events can be searched by location or postcode.

Sydney marriage equality rally

For those members and their families in or near Sydney, Federation urges colleagues to attend the rally at Sydney Town Hall on Sunday 10 September at 1pm, organised by Community Action Against Homophobia and broadly supported by the Yes campaign. Details can be found on Facebook here.


Action kits


We Are Union


Social media images

We are Union –


By purchasing directly from the Equality/Yes campaigns you know your purchase is supporting the movement. Below are some places that you might like to consider when purchasing pro-marriage equality attire:

Federation news

President writes: All for one, and one for all (Education, August 2017)

Federation condemns Turnbull Government’s failure on Marriage Equality (Website, August 11)


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