Special Salaries Bulletin No. 21 - 26 July 2000


The Federation has sought confirmation that payment will be made to teachers on the 17 August 2000.

Payment of salary increases

The Federation has sought confirmation from the Minister for Education & Training that payment will be made to teachers on the 17 August 2000 of the one off cash payment and the 4% salary increase payable on and from 3-4 2000.

Members will recall that the Agreement endorsed on 2 June specified that the cash payment and first 4% salary increase were to be paid by a Director-General Determination. It is this Determination that the Federation seeks to be implemented for payment to be made on the 17 August.

What is currently happening

The Agreement specified that a Consent Award shall be drafted to commence from 1 January 2001 to provide for the remaining salary increases and other award related provisions of the agreement. The Consent Award shall draw on the 1996 awards in schools and TAFE. The Consent Award will reflect the Agreement between the Teachers Federation and the Department of Education & Training. This will mean the amendment of some existing clauses, the inclusion of new clauses where appropriate, and the deletion of clauses that are obsolete or have been superseded. Regular meetings between the parties have continued the drafting process.

As previously advised when the Consent Award is finalised the Federation will provide information to schools and colleges on the significance and interpretation of the award clauses. An annotated award document will be created and provided to all schools and colleges.

Members are advised that until the Consent Award is finalised, the current award provisions should continue to apply.

If there is any dispute about these matters the Federation should be notified immediately.

For further information members are also advised to contact the Federation's hotline

Schools (02) 9217 2300
TAFE (02) 9217 2301

Authorised by John Hennessy, General Secretary, NSW Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary Street, Sydney 2010

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