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This message was recorded at 4:42 pm on Friday, 28th July and concerns the TAFE Budget and Job Cuts Campaign.

The budgetary position for TAFE for the coming financial year is at this stage not entirely clear but it is not favourable. Neither the Federal nor the State Government maintain adequate funding for TAFE to continue delivering quality education. Different Institutes appear to have vastly different budgetary situations and are addressing their staffing needs in different ways. Federation has argued with the Department of Education and Training and in the Industrial Relations Commission that redundancy should be only a final step after redeployment and retraining issues have been exhausted. Some Institutes appear to be persisting with redundancies as a first step. If you have any information about any proposed cuts to staffing or courses in your Institute, please convey them to the Federation by fax, telephone or e-mail. Branches should meet urgently to consider lobbying State and Federal Members, to express support for teachers whose jobs are under threat and to consider the use of overtime and/or casual teaching hours in areas of supposed surplus capacity. Further information will be mailed to branches shortly.

The picket at Seaforth is continuing and the Labor Council is attempting to organise a further meeting with the Minister. We now have support from Manly Council for the retention of Seaforth TAFE. Federation is also seeking a meeting with the Minister regarding the TAFE budgetary situation.

For information on the Salaries & Award situation please see 'Media Centre' index below for the latest Salaries Bulletin. The 'Media Centre' Index also has information on the Award for Higher School Certificate Markers, which involves some TAFE teachers, and on the issue of Contracts for School Principals.

Your support of Federation policy is in the best interests of public education.




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