TAFE Hotline Message

This message was recorded at 12:10 pm on 17th August and concerns Award matters and the TAFE Funding and Staffing Campaign, Seaforth TAFE and collegiate educational structures.

The 4% pay rise should be paid to all teachers in the current pay period. This will include the new rate and back pay to 3rd April 2000. The 2% lump sum back dated from 1st July 1999 to 2 April 2000 is expected to be paid in the next pay period. Work is proceeding on drafting the new Award which will come into effect from the beginning of next year. No changes to Award matters are to occur this year in TAFE, except for the TAFE Annual Review which may be implemented from Term 4 for 2001.

Your workplace should have received a proforma resolution on the campaign against the cuts by both Federal and State Governments to staffing and funding in TAFE. Please make sure that your workplace has a Federation meeting on this issue, votes on the resolution and forwards the results to the Federation.

Federation officers have met with the NSW Education Minister, together with the NSW Labor Council and other unions with members in TAFE. The Minister blamed the Federal Government for everything, but was also forced to admit that the State had reduced funding for TAFE in real terms. Federation is seeking a response through the Labor Council for the setting up of consultative mechanisms about TAFE funding and staffing and supporting the NSW Minister in seeking to change the basis of Federal funding.

The Minister is also considering a proposal about joint use of facilities at Seaforth TAFE, rather than selling it. No final response has been received from the Minister for either of the above matters.

You are reminded that a BBQ and speeches will occur at Seaforth TAFE on Sunday 20th August at 12 noon to commemorate one year since the decision to close the site. You and your friends are invited to attend and show your support for maintaining TAFE facilities.

If your area is affected by collegiate systems involving TAFE with schools and/or universities, please monitor the situation and find out when any public meetings take place to make sure that TAFE is represented in discussions on these issues. TAFE and school members must work cooperatively to ensure the best results for our working conditions and our students. 

Your support of Federation policy is in the best interests of public education. Thank you for calling the TAFE hotline.

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