Executive Restructuring- High Schools and Central Schools

Urgent advice to all members

The DET has recently sent a survey to all High Schools and Central Schools concerning the possible effects of a proposed new model of allocating Head Teacher and Deputy Principal positions to schools.

The DET has taken this action arising from negotiations with the Teachers Federation about a proposed ratio based formula for Head Teacher establishment which would replace the current 81 period rule as well as HT positions which are currently allocated on the basis of whole school numbers.

The distribution of the DET survey is to collect information only and does not indicate that there has been any agreement reached with the Federation on any new model. The Federation has had reports that in some schools this survey and its intended purpose is being misused and individual Head Teachers have been approached with a suggestion that they will be nominated transfers. This is unnecessary and is potentially prejudicial to any positive outcome from negotiations between the Federation and the DET.

Principals will have also received a fax from Larissa Treskin, President of the Secondary Principals Council. That fax attempts to report on the current state of ?without prejudice? negotiations between the DET and the Teachers Federation.

The Secondary Principals Council has not been involved in negotiations between the DET and the Federation. Thus, some of the statements in Ms Treskin?s fax are inaccurate.

The correct situation is as follows:

  • Whilst the Federation has recently adopted a policy which also involves a ratio based formula for HT allocation our policy is not limited by cost neutrality as is the DETs proposal.
  • The Federation will pursue as a priority the maintenance of the nexus between Head Teacher positions and curriculum leadership in schools.
  • The Federation will be seeking to ensure that any new model involves a transparent process for establishment, review and abolition of positions which does not see all the power placed with principals.
  • The Federation will oppose the combining of HT classifications.
  • Whilst recognising the need for appropriate academic requirements for HT positions in relation to newly established or developing curriculum areas, the Federation will be seeking to ensure the maintenance of formal academic qualifications/requirements for Head Teacher positions.
  • The Federation will be seeking to ensure that the implementation of any changed model occurs through 'phasing-in' with a view to minimising the potential dislocation for individuals and disruption to schools.
  • The Federation will be seeking to ensure that classifications or nomenclature of positions have a statewide ?currency? which is consistent with the maintenance of a statewide transfer system.

While positive discussions are occurring with the DET on these issues, NO AGREEMENT HAS YET BEEN REACHED.

The Federation will keep you informed of developments.
A fax has gone to all High And Central schools about this matter.

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