Executive restructuring

in high school and secondary departments of central schools

An urgent faxstream went to Federation Representatives today to inform members that following consideration by the Federation Executive, agreement has been reached between the Federation and the DET around a new method of allocating head teachers and deputy principals to high schools and secondary departments of central schools.

Some key points are:

  • The total number of deputy principals will increase;
  • Student enrolments will determine eligibility for a second deputy principal;
  • DSP schools will require a lower enrolment threshold for a second deputy principal;
  • The 81+ period rule for head teachers will be replaced by a ratio-based allocation according to the number of teachers in the school.

Essentially the new structure creates additional deputy principal positions at the cost of head teacher positions. It will be possible to create head teacher positions in new and expanding areas of the curriculum such as vocational education and training.

Implementation of the new structure

Implementation will occur over the next three years with an emphasis on minimising any adverse impact on individual staff and schools where positions are to be lost. Certain safeguards have been built into the process. These include appropriate consultation at the school level, protections for the existing mix of head teacher positions and the establishment of a Secondary Executive Review Committee. This Committee will comprise representatives from the School Staffing Unit, the Teachers Federation and the Secondary Principals Council. It will monitor and make recommendations to the Director of Personnel Operations concerning the implementation of the new structure and the impact of that implementation.

Please note that no deputy principals or head teachers will be required to become nominated transfers in 2001 unless their position is currently on review.

As a general rule a school should not lose more than one head teacher position a year, unless a position becomes vacant or a head teacher(s) on review seeks early placement as a nominated transfer.

Detailed information and advice will be sent to schools as soon as possible.

John Hennessy

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