Executive Restructuring - Consultation

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The Federation has had a number of enquiries from Federation Representatives concerning the need for Principals to consult with teachers, executive staff and school community on the matter of Head Teacher establishment for 2001.

All relevant documents from the DET on this matter should be made available to Federation Representatives. Consultation should focus around the need to make recommendations to the Secondary Executive Review Committee which are consistent with the schools educational programs and priorities. Consultation may take the form of discussion at executive meetings, faculty meetings and whole staff meetings. Proposals or options may be provided in writing to allow discussion before formal meetings occur. In assessing the consultation that has occurred in the school, it is necessary to recognise that the documents on new executive structure arrived in schools on 16 October and Principals have been asked to return them by today, 25th October.

The signature of the Fed Rep on the form is meant to indicate that the Fed. Rep. is satisfied that consultation has occurred around any changes, not necessarily that the Fed. Rep. agrees with the proposal.

What if I am concerned about the level of consultation on this matter at your school?

  • Go to the Principal and tell him/her
  • Make positive suggestions as to what you think is required to assist consultation
  • If necessary ask the Principal to seek an extension of time to return the staffing documentation to DET
  • Contact the Federation if you need further advice.

Can I make a submission to the Secondary Executive Review Committee?

If you or Federation members at your school have concerns, issues or information which you think the Secondary Executive Review Committee needs to consider, make a written submission to the committee and address it to: Secondary Executive Review Committee, Locked Bag 3003, BLACKTOWN 2148.

What if I am unwilling to sign the certification about consultation?

You should make your reasons known to the Federation by letter or fax marked for the attention of Barry Johnson. As it is anticipated that the Secondary Executive Review Committee will meet early in November, you should provide this information by 5.p.m. on Tuesday 31 October 2000.

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