TAFE Funding Campaign

fax sent to TAFE Fed Reps on 3 November

This message deals with the TAFE Funding Campaign and 'Procedures for Managing Displaced Employees'


Members are urged to write to/fax/phone/e-mail the Federal Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs, the Hon Dr. David Kemp and NSW Minister for Education and Training, the Hon John Aquilina asking for their support for the restoration of Federal growth funds for TAFE. This issue is now urgent as the Ministerial Council is scheduled to meet on 17 November 2000 to consider the Federal Government's proposal to freeze VET funding for the next three years through the ANTA Agreement. Members should also ask for the ANTA Agreement to ensure quality, equity and an increased share of VET funds for TAFE.

Contact Dr Kemp, the Federal Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs, at the House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600.

Telephone (02) 6277 7460. Fax (02) 6273 4117.

E-mail: D.Kemp.MP@aph.gov.au

Contact Mr Aquilina, the NSW Minister for Education and Training at

Level 2, 35 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone (02) 9561 8100. Fax (02) 9562 8185.

E-mail: john.aquilina@det.nsw.edu.au

Members are also asked to lobby their local Federal MP and NSW Senators to oppose this Bill, which Dr. Kemp has introduced to the Federal Parliament. His Bill is intended to freeze VET funding for another year without the need for an ANTA Agreement with State and Territory Ministers. (Senators' details are available on the back page of the 30 October edition of "Education" and on our website under the State Grants Bill, "What you can do" item).

The Senate Committee Coalition members' report on the Bill showed the Howard Government's true intentions by stating:

"Publicly funded Vocational Education and Training is a State responsibility."

This is an extraordinary statement in the context of the project work to develop a national VET system.

Federal MPs should also be asked to support a new ANTA Agreement with the provisions referred to above and to highlight the problems caused to students, industry and the community by the Howard Government's National Training Agenda.

Further information is available at www.aeufederal.org.au/Tafe/index2.html

  1. ANTA Agreement
  2. Vocational Education and Training Funding Amendment Bill 2000
  3. Public Education Day 15 March 2001

As part of the national AEU co-ordinated campaign, Federation is planning a major public activity on 15 March 2001, to highlight the positive role of public education in Australian society and to outline the perils facing public education as a consequence of federal funding policies. More details will be provided later.


Federation has now succeeded in having the Department acknowledge that redeployment is the principal means for managing displaced employees. This may only occur after extensive consultation with Federation and the section concerned to determine whether there is any genuine surplus capacity. A range of other case management options such as part-time work, job share and retraining should all be considered first, before redeployment and before voluntary redundancies.

The Department has re-issued the improved version of their procedures, even though it does not fully comply with Federation's requested amendments. Members' attention is especially drawn to the first stage (introduction) of Tab B of the Procedures. This should be fully implemented before Phase 1 starts. The principal guiding document in our longstanding negotiations in this matter is the Premier's policy 'Managing Displaced Employees'. Some institutes are again discussing surplus capacity and potential displacements with Federation.

Any disputes regarding interpretation of the Procedures documents are to be immediately referred to the relevant Federation Organiser, as the matter is still before the Industrial Relations Commission.

John Hennessy

General Secretary

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