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This message concerns Award matters, the TAFE Budget and Job Cuts Campaign, Seaforth TAFE and collegiate educational structures.

Drafting of the new Award has now been completed, but no changes to Award matters are to occur this year in TAFE. Federation will provide leaflets explaining the few Award changes.

A fax was sent to all TAFE Fed Reps on 3 November. This contained information to assist members in urgent lobbying of Federal Minister Dr. Kemp and NSW Minister Mr Aquilina to restore Federal growth funding for TAFE. The recent Tefed mailout provided a proforma letter to Dr Kemp.

As part of the national AEU co-ordinated campaign, Federation is planning a major Public Education Day activity on 15 March 2001, to highlight the positive role of public education in Australian society and to outline the difficulties facing public education as a consequence of federal funding policies. More details will be provided later.

Federation has now succeeded in having the Department acknowledge that redeployment is the principal means for managing displaced employees. This may only occur after extensive consultation with Federation and the section concerned to determine whether there is any genuine surplus capacity. A range of other case management options such as part-time work, job share and retraining should all be considered first, before redeployment and before voluntary redundancies.

The Department has re-issued the improved version of their procedures, even though it does not fully comply with Federation's requested amendments. Members' attention is especially drawn to the first stage (introduction) of Tab B of the Procedures. This should be fully implemented before Phase 1 starts. The principal guiding document in our longstanding negotiations in this matter is the Premier's policy 'Managing Displaced Employees'. Some institutes are again discussing surplus capacity and potential displacements with Federation.

Any disputes regarding interpretation of the Procedures documents are to be immediately referred to the relevant Federation Organiser, as the matter is still before the Industrial Relations Commission.

The peaceful protest at Seaforth TAFE will continue, with a public rally planned for 10th December. For more details, please ring the Convenor on 0418 223 416.

If your area is affected by collegiate systems involving TAFE with schools and/or universities, please monitor the situation and find out when any meetings are to take place. Then, please make sure that Federation members and if possible the TAFE Organiser are available to contribute to these discussions. 

Your support of Federation policy is in the best interests of public education.

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