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Detailed information has been sent to all Federation Representatives in TAFE colleges about the new award. This information should be read in conjunction with information published in 'Education' of 11 December.

1. New Award

As previously advised in a fax sent to all Fed Reps on 12 December 2000, there are minimal changes in the new award for TAFE members except for
(a) Contribution to Institute output requirements/Strategies for maximising Annual Student Contact Hours (ASCH)
(b) Duties of Teachers 
(c) Teaching in more than one location
(d) Teacher Quality (Annual Review)
(e) Averaging
(f) Salary Packaging
(g) Deferred Salary Scheme

Detailed Federation advice relating to these new provisions has been provided in the Education journal of 11 December 2000 or is about to be provided in future editions. This advice will also soon be available on our website. It is important that the award advice on ASCH in our journal of 11 December 2000 is read in conjunction with Federation's updated Policy on Class Sizes.

There has been no agreement to any net increase in teaching workload or the 30 hours of weekly attendance. Although there are various activities listed as "duties related to teaching" (previously 'incidental duties'), the Award still says "teachers shall continue, in consultation with their immediate manager, to determine duties that shall be conducted during related duties time".

The Award also states that teachers receiving release cannot also be paid for excess teaching hours. As you will not be paid for excess teaching in these circumstances, DON'T DO IT. (The reduced teaching load for Head Teachers does not count as a release).

Your support of Federation's policy and advice will help to prevent further member job losses and to maintain an accessible, quality TAFE system.

2. Part Time Casuals (PTCs) Recruitment and Permanency

All Head Teachers are urged to encourage PTCs to join the Federation (ring 9217 2100 or 1300 654 363) for extra membership forms. Head Teachers should also pressure management to offer permanency, wherever there has been a history of ongoing PTC employment and/or excess teaching hours. PTCs should be reminded that Federation's ability to improve their job security, conditions and salaries will be greatly assisted by significantly increased PTC membership. This will also help full time teachers' salaries and conditions from being undermined.

3. National Public Education Day - 15 March 2001

Members should keep this day in mind for the opportunity to join activities designed to promote public education as an urgent priority in the lead up to the Federal election this year.

4. Child Protection

Federation has been advised that PTCs are now to be paid for attendance at compulsory training, even if this was last year. Head Teachers should facilitate their claims.

5. TAFE Funding Campaign and the AEU Website

Members are reminded that there is valuable Australian Education Union research regarding national TAFE issues, including information used in our latest attempts to lift Dr Kemp's Federal funding freeze by means of an improved Australian National Training Authority agreement. For details, visit the AEU website
A further MINCO meeting is to occur in late February. Your continued lobbying for increased TAFE funds is urgently needed. Please write to, fax and/or e-mail the Prime Minister (The Hon. J. Howard), the Leader of the Opposition (The Hon. K. Beazley), the Federal Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs (The Hon. Dr. D. Kemp), the Shadow Minister (The Hon. M. Lee), as well as your local Federal politicians (including local candidates) E-mail addresses are available on the Federation's website





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