Headhunters highlight problem

Australia is facing a critical shortage of teachers

By Denis Fitzgerald
Federal President, Australian Education Union

'The arrival of another team of headhunters wishing to poach Australian teachers highlights the problem of looming teacher shortages in Australia,' said Mr Denis Fitzgerald, Federal President of the Australian Education Union.

'The landing of the Timeplan Education Group in Australia is the latest example of other countries seeking to recruit our teachers. This is no surprise, of course, as Australian teachers have an international reputation of the highest quality. Thousands of Australian teachers have already left to work overseas.'

'Recent research has shown however that Australia is facing a critical shortage of teachers especially in certain geographical areas and certain parts of the curriculum. Authorities and governments have done little to address the looming shortage and thousands of Australian children in private and public schools face the prospect of having no teacher or no suitably qualified teacher.'

'The Australian Education Union has released its solution for this national problem. The document, 'A National Teacher Shortage. A Solution from the AEU' is available on the AEU website.

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