TAFE hotline message - 21 February

This message concerns Award matters, Public Education Day, the TAFE Campaign, Seaforth TAFE, Senior Head Teacher Salary Maintenance and Child Protection Training.

Welcome to the TAFE Hotline.

The new Award took effect from 1 January 2001. Faxes were sent to all TAFE Fed Reps on 13 December and 25 January outlining some of the changes such as follows:

Although there are various activities listed as "duties related to teaching" (previously called 'incidental duties'), the Award still says "teachers shall continue, in consultation with their immediate manager, to determine duties that shall be conducted during related duties time".

The Award also states that teachers receiving release cannot also be paid for excess teaching hours. As you will not be paid for excess teaching in these circumstances, either don't do the release or don't do the excess teaching. (The reduced teaching load for Head Teachers does not count as a release).

Federation's advice on new clauses about Maximising Annual Student Contact Hours was provided in the Education journal of 11 December, 2000. Traditional maximum class sizes (approved by the Federation) are still to be complied with.

Very little else has changed in the new Award, except for teacher annual reviews and salary rates. Annualised hours have not been agreed and the Award still states "the use of excess teaching hours shall be discouraged". Detailed Federation Plain English explanations of the new Award clauses are available in the Members Only Area of our website.

To get involved in Public Education Day activities on 15 March, members are urged to contact their Fed Rep, Organiser or Institute Manager for details.

With regard to the TAFE Campaign, Federation has succeeded in having the Department acknowledge that redeployment is the principal means for managing displaced employees. This may only occur after extensive consultation with Federation and the section concerned to determine whether there is any genuine surplus capacity. A range of other case management options such as part-time work, job share and retraining should all be considered first, before redeployment and before voluntary redundancies. Any disputes regarding interpretation of the Department's Procedures documents are to be immediately referred to the relevant Federation Organiser.

The Labor Council endorsed peaceful protest at Seaforth TAFE will continue. A successful public rally and barbecue was held there on 10 December.

Old classification Senior Head Teachers required to regress after their academic year of review should in Federation's view, receive one year's salary maintenance after regression. The Department rejects this view. Accordingly any Head Teacher members under threat of regression should contact their organiser as soon as possible.

Members attending Mandatory Child Protection Training should be given appropriate release, or paid at the Duties Other Than Teaching rate in the case of part time casual teachers. The Department has agreed that this payment will be made.

Your support of Federation policy is in the best interests of public education. Thank you for calling the TAFE hotline.

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