Public Education Day, 15th March 2001

Schools and Colleges throughout NSW are getting behind Public Education Day on 15 March. A variety of activities are being planned to celebrate the excellent work being undertaken by students and teachers in our great system.

For Schools and Colleges

The current edition of Education includes a "round of celebrations" being planned in schools and colleges. Other ideas were included in the previous Campaign Bulletin (19 February 2001). Your school may have already planned an activity or might want to adapt or adopt ideas from other schools and colleges.

Whatever the activity, big or small, please ensure your school and college has something planned for the morning of 15 March.

Support from Local Teacher Associations

Lithgow Teachers Association has decided to support Public Education Day by arranging a photographic display of school activities to be showcased in a shopfront in the town's main street.

Lake Wallis and Wingham Teachers Association are sponsoring a literary/art competition for all their schools. The theme is Public Education and it is planned to award book prizes at special assemblies on 15 March.

Other Associations are funding local press advertisements in the week commencing 12 March.


Advertisements will run for several days on metropolitan radio commencing Sunday, 11 March and on country radio on Tuesday, 13 March.

A new television advertisement will commence on 13 March. Thanks to the staff and students at Tempe PS, Tempe HS and Hornsby South PS who were only too eager to rearrange their days at short notice and help with the production.

PS. Don't forget to use your school's community Noticeboard in the week commencing 12 March.

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