Update on Public Education Day

Reports indicate that activities planned by schools and colleges for Public Education Day on 15 March are many and varied.

Activities on 15 March 2001

Newcastle High School has invited the community and prominent ex students to visit the school. ABC radio will be doing an outside broadcast from the school during the day.

Mudgee Public School is holding an Open Day and the theme is Green. Students will dress in green, the canteen will host a green day and K-2 will host the annual grandparents and senior citizens concert.

In Ballina and in Cessnock street parades have been planned involving the local schools and their communities.

Schools in the Port Stephens area have placed an advertisement in their local paper suggesting the community "Come and Join Us" on 15 March. Each school has detailed its program for the day.

Activities include morning tea for visitors, performances by students, open classrooms, playground games for parents, barbecue lunches with the visitors and guest speakers.

Faxes to local Federal Members of Parliament

The Federation will send a further bulletin early next week. It will include a pro forma fax message to Federal Members of Parliament and their fax numbers. The message will both celebrate the place of public education in our society and will call on Federal parliamentarians to ensure that public education is properly supported by Federal governments.

This message can be sent to Federal parliamentarians on 15 March or you may choose to use it as the basis of your own message.

You might consider having the message signed by the Federation Representative, the Principal, all members of staff, visiting members of the community etc.


The Federation has prepared and is currently delivering almost 800,000 leaflets to schools and colleges throughout NSW. You are requested to ensure their distribution on the afternoon of 15 March so that all households in the public education community receives at least one copy.

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