Workers Compensation

BULLETIN 6- 26 June 2001

Media reports that the concerns over the Workers Compensation Amendment Bill were resolved yesterday are wrong.

The meeting of the State Labor Advisory Council (SLAC) did result in some minor improvements to the Bill but significant differences remain. The major issues affecting teachers remain.

(a) The Workers Compensation Commission will replace the Workers Compensation Court. It is not independent, sets limits on appeal processes and has to consider workers' claims on a cost basis.

(b) Claims for psychological and psychiatric injuries will be severely limited, particularly where the psychological injury results from another injury.

(c) The proposed guidelines may reduce compensation to seriously injured workers.

Should the Bill pass through the State Upper House of Parliament tonight the fight will not be over, stronger action may be necessary.

Unions have voted unanimously to hold a Sky Channel stopwork. (The building trades unions and some others will be taking 24 hour strike action).

The live 9.00 a.m. broadcast from Sydney Town Hall by Sky Channel to venues circulated yesterday will go ahead to discuss the future campaign.

An ongoing campaign around workers' compensation, both to influence the development of new assessment guidelines as provided for in the legislation and to monitor the effects of the Bill, is necessary.

The Teachers Federation directs all worksites to maximise attendance at the Sky Channel meetings. Members are to stop work for up to two hours on Wednesday, 27 June 2001 to attend.

Federation authorises the provision of minimal supervision if and as deemed necessary.

Your support of this campaign is vital to the interests of all workers in New South Wales especially teachers. This action of the Carr government must be stopped.

Authorised by John Hennessy, General Secretary, NSW Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills, 2010

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