TAFE issues update

TAFE college Federation Representatives are asked to distribute the following information to as many members in their college as possible

Permanency and Staffing Campaign

Federation's 2001 Annual Conference determined that part time casual teaching hours need to be converted to permanent positions, so that 70% of teaching in NSW is by permanent teachers. Members are urged to pressure TAFE management to create more permanent positions, which could be filled by existing part time casuals.

Appropriate political and if necessary, industrial action is to be considered soon by TAFE TA and Federation to support this campaign. Your branch's suggestions are sought.

Federation is pursuing the issue through:

  • Representations for a TAFE staffing agreement with the Department
  • Changes to the recruitment process for part time casuals to allow for direct appointment
  • Political pressure - the recent TAFE TA representations to Federal MPs strongly raised the issue of casualisation

Members are reminded that these reviews should be simple and supportive of their needs. There is no requirement for lesson observations, performance or action plans or for teachers to change their priorities for duties conducted during the related duties time (see Award subclause 42.5). However, members may choose to do action plans in order to seek appropriate staff development and career planning support over the next year.

There is nothing in the Teachers or the Institute Managers Award that requires Annual Review efficiencies.

The Department has still not issued amended EC forms, despite a note on the EC1 that is likely to mislead members into not being paid the 25% loading for excess hours worked during time credit periods. Head teachers should continue to cross out the reference on EC3As and EC3Bs saying that funds are available, unless they are certain that this is so.

This dispute is still before the Industrial Relations Commission. No member should be doing work that traditionally attracted release without being fully compensated for it.

These activities are now defined in Award subclauses 40.2 and 41.2 as "direct teaching activities" and should be shown as such on ECs and claimed accordingly. Teachers are asked to keep a log of times spent performing these duties, which involve student interaction, as this is not what might be thought of as traditional "face to face", eg. reading and replying to student emails. Federation may need to call upon such documented evidence if the need arises. Any teaching duties earning ASCH should be paid as direct teaching.

  1. Annual Reviews
  2. New EC Forms
  3. Award Subclause 41.3
  4. Distance mode or online teaching, workplace training and assessment
  5. Industrial Rights Award Clause 63

Fed Reps are reminded that they are entitled to have time (including teaching release and replacement) when necessary during working hours to interview employer representatives on matters affecting employees and reasonable time to interview Federation officials. If problems arise in obtaining this time, contact your TAFE Organiser immediately.

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