Public Education Day is May 23

The focus of Public Education Day on May 23 will again be a celebration of the excellent work of teachers and students in our public schools and colleges.

Public Education Campaign Bulletin Number 2 - 13 March 2002

To: Federation Representatives & Principals

You are requested to plan activities on that day which involve parents and community members (a list of suggestions follows).


A leaflet outlining the importance of the Vinson Inquiry into the provision of public education in NSW will be available for distribution to parents and community on the day. Leaflets on the issue of class size reductions in the early years will also be available prior to Public Education Day as will a video. It may be opportune to show this video to parents on the day.


The Federation will reissue the highly effective Public Education Is the Issue signs to all schools. Please ensure they are displayed prominently during the week of Public Education Day.

Some ideas from schools for activities.

  • Morning tea with the P & C.
  • Morning tea with the parents.
  • Morning tea with students telling them about the great things happening in the school.
  • BBQ lunch for community members.
  • New parents BBQ.
  • Public Education dress-up day with costumes of 100 years ago.
  • Theme day, e.g. Teddy Bear's Picnic
  • Grandparents Day.
  • Generations Day.
  • Inviting parents and prominent ex pupils.
  • Performing Arts and fitness displays.
  • Grade activities in classrooms.
  • Lunchtime concert and BBQ, (TAFE colleges).

Authorised by Barry Johnson, General Secretary, NSW Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary St, Surry Hills, 2010

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