Public Education Day-TAFE

Public Education Day will be held on Thursday 23 May 2002

Activities will be taking place in TAFE Colleges and schools across the country. It is important that TAFE teachers are heard on this day, in raising the issues around the importance of TAFE to industry and the community.

There are many things that you can do on this day, or in the week following. Your branch might like to consider:

a) holding a lunch/breakfast/BBQ with students, members of industry and the community

b) writing to your local paper about what TAFE does. Highlight successful case studies. Take photos and send them to the paper

c) visiting your local state and Federal Members of Parliament. Use the Parliamentary Brief enclosed and make sure that your local MPs understand the funding needs of TAFE. Invite them to your College to see what TAFE does

d) making TAFE visible with posters - use 'TAFE Works - Fund TAFE', and 'The Issue is Public Education' posters

The State Minister for Education and Training, John Watkins, supports Public Education Day.

TAFE teachers need to take the TAFE message to the community.

"TAFE Works - Fund TAFE"

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