Staffing agreement achieved in TAFE

The agreement reached between the NSW Teachers Federation and the Minister for Education and Training, John Watkins, on staffing in TAFE, is a significant achievement. It will ensure that over the next three years, TAFE Institutes will work to have 55% of teaching hours taught by permanent teachers.

What the agreement also recognises is that we have at present in TAFE many wonderful part time casual teachers who have been with us for over two years, and who will have the opportunity to apply for the new positions created by this agreement. This will give many teachers permanent jobs in TAFE. Both they and their students deserve this opportunity.

The Federation welcomed the Minister for Education and Training, John Watkins' announcement of the Staffing Agreement at the meeting of the NSW Labor Council on Thursday 28 November.

The Union will continue to focus on the need for permanency to be even higher in TAFE. Our aim is for at least 70%. However, we acknowledge that such changes will need to be phased in, and recognise that the agreement is an important first step.

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