TAFE action and bans

The Federation continues to oppose the restructure proposed in Lifelong Learning - The Future of Public Education in NSW and any loss of jobs arising. Federation has pursued all avenues to ensure proper consultation and prevent the worst features of the restructure, including the lodgement of a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission.

The current proposal would seriously undermine support for teachers in the development and implementation of new curriculum, integration of new technologies into teaching and learning programs, liaison with industry and the community, professional development and equity provision. Any restructure should driven by educational needs rather than Government cost cutting.

The proposed restructure would cut about $60 to $70 million from DET/TAFE and involve the loss of about 1,000 people's jobs. The proposed Government cuts are disproportionately severe on TAFE and would damage TAFE's integrity and identity. This represents yet another attack on TAFE, despite the Carr Government having already cut TAFE funding in real terms by hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Federation congratulates all members who have taken industrial and political action in response to this attack on public education and advises that the following action is now to be taken:

These bans will not prevent the development of new courses by using the currently available course and module templates and will be reviewed regularly.

  1. The extension of bans by TAFE non teaching educational staff on all Ministerial/Government reports, briefings, letters, election commitments and other demands which detract from supporting the teaching and learning effort. (Non school-based officers, consultants and advisers are also banning these).
  2. Furthermore, the following additional bans are to be imposed statewide by all TAFE non-teaching educational staff on:< >The development and implementation of all commercial courses and activities including the Clearinghouse contract.

    The development and implementation of the proposed new unit curriculum for all new courses including training package qualifications.

    Input into the development of the proposed unit based enrolment (UBE) system except for completion of system requirements of recordable attributes.

  3. Members in all colleges (and schools) are called on to continue to demonstrate opposition to the proposed restructure and support for TAFE non-teaching educational staff and for non school-based officers.
  4. TAFE members will continue to work with TAFE students to coordinate appropriate action.
  5. All members are encouraged to meet with industry contacts and community organisations to inform them of the negative effects of any restructure similar to the current proposal and to ask them to lobby the NSW Government against the restructure and about the need for much greater investment of funds in TAFE.
  6. Members and supporters are urged to lobby MPs by using the quick e-mail message facility on the Federation's website campaign engine at: www.nswtf.org.au/campaigns/restructure/protest_form.html

The Federation will continue to provide information to members about the proposed restructure and will consider proposals for further possible joint action, including stop work meetings held in conjunction with other unions.

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