Stopwork cancelled

The NSW Teachers Federation Executive today voted to cancel the Stop Work meetings proposed for Friday 25 June, given the Government's decision to fully fund public education teacher salaries increases.

Maree O'Halloran, Teachers Federation President, said:

"Despite the NSW Government's misleading claims about its incapacity to pay teacher salary increases, and the Treasurer's admission that they had the money for these increases, Executive voted to cancel Friday's industrial action.

"The achievement of a fully-funded salaries increase for public education teachers, and the Industrial Relations Commission's preparedness to hear a case for our promoted teachers to gain the additional increases awarded to counterparts in Catholic schools, are significant developments.

"However, teachers are angry at the way the Government deceived the public and the Industrial Relations Commission with its 'incapacity to pay' arguments and lowered the outcome to 12% over two years. We will examine the Budget and the Treasurer's statements to see if there is any legal recourse.

"The Government has created great discontent in the public education community through its actions on teacher salaries. Teachers were forced into industrial action by the Government's refusal to rule out slashing services and resources for students, and by its legally unprecedented re-opening of the case.

"Teachers have been encouraged by parents' support for lifting the salaries and status of the teaching profession, and the achievement of full funding of the salaries outcome.

"Unfortunately for public education, this is an opportunity lost for the NSW Government. Teacher morale and the status of the profession could have been given a real boost. Instead, we have endured another round of conflict and disputation, at a time when the public education community is fighting to gain fairer funding from both state and federal governments."

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