NSW Industrial Relations Commission TAFE

The NSW Industrial Relations Commission today made an award which increases the salary of many part time casual teachers employed in TAFE.

President of the NSW Teachers Federation Maree O'Halloran said;

"The Teachers Federation lodged an application to improve the salaries and conditions of TAFE part time casual teachers in 2003.

"Arbitration was conducted during 2004 with an interim decision in December 2004. This final award hearing follows months of conciliation and negotiation with the Department of Education and Training.

"Part time casual teachers teaching the equivalent hours to a permanent full time teacher will either be offered a temporary position with pro rata salary and conditions or be entitled to an additional six hours and 40 minutes paid work for duties related to teaching.

"Part time casual teachers teaching between ten hours and 19 hours per week will be entitled to additional paid work for duties related to teaching. The additional hours are on a sliding scale between one hour and six hours and 40 minutes.

"The outcome of this case is fully funded from Treasury. Federation congratulates all the witnesses and members who campaigned hard for this result."

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