A Plan for Aboriginal Education

The NSW Teachers Federation and the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group have developed a set of priority recommendations as a plan to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal children.

"These priorities are supported by the Secondary Principals' Council, the Primary Principals' Association and the Public Schools Principals' Forum. 
"We have met with the Minister, Carmel Tebbutt on numerous occasions to pursue this plan," said President of the NSW Teachers Federation Ms Maree O'Halloran. 

The Plan

  • To establish programs operating from schools, involving appropriate government agencies, to support parents and their children aged 0 - 4. This would establish important links between school and community from an early stage. 
  • To establish pre-schools attached to all government schools with significant Aboriginal student populations. 
  • To establish a genuine inter-agency program operating from schools with significant Aboriginal populations, ensuring the school is the centre of community. These programs should be run by the Departments of Health, Sport and Recreation and other relevant Government Departments. The programs would complement the work of the Department of Education and Training. The Teachers Federation reiterates its preparedness to negotiate variations to existing Agreements to allow for extended school days and hours of operation. 
  • To allocate targeted resources to develop and support individualised learning plans for Aboriginal students. It is estimated that this initiative is costed at 12 million dollars. 
  • To appoint and in-service new teachers including Principals who will teach in schools with significant Aboriginal enrolments. This will ensure continuity of programs for students. 
  • To employ more Aboriginal people in schools which would improve cultural understanding and learning outcomes for students.The State Government is not listening to people in schools. Funding should be directed to implement the plan and help all Aboriginal students in New South Wales.
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