Conference Develops Education Plan

Annual Conference of the NSW Teachers Federation will develop a strong platform from which to launch the Public Education campaign leading to the 2007 state and federal government elections.

The Teachers Federation campaign platform articulates a vision of high quality schooling in an advanced economy.

Research into the provision of Public Education conducted by Professor Tony Vinson and his audit, identified the major areas needing attention as:

� School maintenance

� Integration funding for students with special needs

� School counsellor staffing

� ESL funding

Furthermore the highly successful K-2 class size reduction program has clearly identified the need to campaign for additonal resources for high schools targeting the 'foundation years of high school' - Years 7 and 8.

This additional resourcing would allow schools to introduce strategies such as reduced class sizes or collaborative team teaching programs to address 'middle schooling' isssues during the critical transition years between primary and high school.

Both state and commonwealth governments continue to increase funding to non-government schools effectively increasing the gap between resources available in the public and private systems.

The chronic under-funding of public education continues to shadow the wonderful achievements of students and teachers in public schools.

A strong socially representative public education system of local neighbourhood schools remains the key point to a vibrant, egalitarian and democratic Australia.

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