Teachers have 'vital' human rights role

Teachers have a vital role to play in developing a human rights culture in Australia, Debbie Johnson from Amnesty International told NSW Teachers Federation annual conference on July 4.

Ms Johnson said teachers can play a powerful role in encouraging students and the wider community to engage with human rights issues.

"You can support and encourage your students to form Amnesty groups. "They [students] can take part in an annual schools forum or get involved in the arts-based Voices of Hope competition," Ms Johnson said.

"Another vital area where you can lend your support is to drive emphasis on human rights education in the curriculum," she said.

"If we are to generate sufficient emphasis on human rights eduction, both within schools and among policy makers, there needs to be enough of us making a case for it in our schools."


Ms Johnson said if you are interested in strengthening the focus of human rights in the educational agenda in Australia contact Amnesty International human rights education coordinator Don McArthur via email at dmcarthur@amnesty.org.au or visit www.amnesty.org.au.

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