Posted: 3 July 2016
How corporations, foundations, bureaucrats and thought leaders or “gurus” link up with each other to gain access to government contracts and revenue set aside for public education is the focus of the latest research report funded by the Eric Pearson Grant.
Posted: 3 July 2016
Life Membership of Federation was bestowed today on seven members with an outstanding record of activism and teaching service. Applauded by members gathered at Sydney Town Hall on day one of Federation’s Annual Conference were:
Posted: 30 June 2016
AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe has condemned Malcolm Turnbull for his lack of vision for schools beyond 2017, saying he lacked a viable alternative to Gonski needs-based funding. In a media release earlier today, Ms Haythorpe said Mr Turnbull’s lack of school funding plan would hurt students. “These cuts will mean students will miss out on smaller classes, literacy and numeracy programs and more one-to-one support,” Ms Haythorpe said.
Posted: 30 June 2016
Federation has finished giving evidence in the Industrial Relations Commission relating to the dispute over the employment of School Psychologists. The union is disputing the Department of Education's employment of School Psychologists on the basis that the role is interchangeable with School Counsellors. 
Posted: 27 June 2016
Thousands of Australians marched at same-sex marriage rallies across the country on Saturday (June 25), calling for an end to inequality.
Posted: 22 June 2016
Polling in key NSW marginal seats indicates that the pro-Gonski vote has firmed since a similar poll prior to the Federal Budget and reveals the Coalition is in trouble over its failure to back the Gonski needs-based schools’ funding model.
Posted: 21 June 2016
Public school and TAFE teachers are disappointed that the state budget surplus announced today has not been used to provide the school infrastructure necessary to cope with increased student enrolments and restore the funding that has been stripped from TAFE colleges. On the positive side, however, the NSW government is continuing to allocate its share of the recurrent funding necessary to fully implement the Gonski needs-based model.
Posted: 17 June 2016
Today, World Refugee Day, Federation joins so many others in our community to reflect on the approximately sixty million displaced people worldwide, less than one percent of whom ever have a hope of resettlement. The average time that a refugee spends in a camp is now seventeen years, an entire childhood for those born into camps and a lifetime for so many adults.
Posted: 17 June 2016
The stark choice on education facing voters will be hammered home in campaigning by teacher unionists across the country next week, Gonski Week, and Federation is urgently calling on members to join the action. The Coalition’s cuts will leave our schools $3.8 billion short, compared to the commitment by Labor and the Greens to funding Gonski in full right through until 2019, Australian Education Union Federal President Correna Haythorpe emphasised.
Posted: 16 June 2016
The NSW government has announced a new TAFE IT system will be designed to replace the failed and expensive EBS system, but Federation President Maurie Mulheron said more needs to be done in the TAFE sphere.
Posted: 16 June 2016
Supporters of marriage equality will rally to demonstrate their support for marriage equality, safe schools and an end to discrimination.
Posted: 16 June 2016
Three leading teacher unionists in Iran, including the head of the union, have been freed from prison following sustained pressure from teachers, but Australian action is asked for many more still behind bars.
Posted: 16 June 2016
Today’s National TAFE Day sees public vocational education in Australia still under threat and emphasises the importance of guaranteeing TAFEs the 70 per cent share of VET funding they need, the Australian Education Union said. AEU Federal TAFE Secretary Pat Forward said politicians needed to face up to the disaster of VET privatisation, guarantee funding to TAFEs and shut down the failed VET Fee-Help scheme.
Posted: 10 June 2016
The Productivity Commission’s research report into Indigenous Primary School Achievement has provided more evidence that socio-economic background remains the largest factor influencing levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.
Posted: 6 June 2016
A new TV advertisement slams Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to Gonski funding, because the cuts will deny children the skills they’ll need for the future.  “Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to cut Gonski funding will see kids from disadvantaged backgrounds denied the education and skills they need for secure jobs," AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said.
Posted: 6 June 2016
You can help ensure the Gonski message goes as far as possible in the final days before the federal election. All members and supporters of the needs-based school funding model are asked to participate in the final Gonski door-knock on June 19. A high number of volunteers will maximise the number of voters to be engaged in one-on-one conversations about the benefits of the model and what is at risk if the Turnbull government is re-elected.
Posted: 2 June 2016
The NSW Teachers Federation notes the appointment of Mark Scott as Secretary of the NSW Department of Education. On behalf of the teachers and principals of NSW public schools, Federation will be seeking the earliest opportunity to meet with Mr Scott to inform him of the current priorities and challenges facing the NSW public education system.
Posted: 1 June 2016
Rising inequality in schools funding drove bigger gaps in achievement between advantaged and disadvantaged schools between 2010 and 2015, a new Centre for Policy Development report shows. AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said Gonski funding was beginning to address funding inequalities "but two-thirds of the extra funding schools need comes in the last two years of Gonski — the years that Malcolm Turnbull plans to cut".
Posted: 30 May 2016
Federation President Maurie Mulheron will be urging voters to support candidates who back the full Gonski needs-based education funding model in a series of campaign events in the Blue Mountains today. A Gonski mobile billboard will be taking the message to teachers and parents at Springwood High School, Blackheath Public School and Katoomba Public School.
Posted: 27 May 2016
Investment in schools has an economic dividend for the nation, shadow treasurer Chris Bowen said in a debate against Treasurer Scott Morrison at the National Press Club earlier today. He showcased how the high school he attended — St John's Park — has used their improved funding under the Gonski model to invest in intensive support for its special education students as they transition into the workforce.
Posted: 26 May 2016
May 26 is National Sorry Day, commemorating and remembering the mistreatment of the Indigenous population throughout Australia’s history, particularly the Stolen Generations who were removed from their families, often forcibly.
Posted: 23 May 2016
Teachers are volunteering to reach out to other teachers over what is at stake at the federal election for public education. Federation members are calling fellow members in marginal electorates about the major parties' position on funding for public education. The union hopes all members in key marginal electorates will be reached, to ensure they are aware of what is at stake on July 2: