Posted: 20 July 2006
Today an "Open Letter to the Australian Government" demanding the repatriation of David Hicks from Guantanamo Bay back to Australia was published in major newspapers around the country. The open letter was supported by Unions NSW, the International Commission of Jurists, Australia and Getup!, an independent campaigning organisation. The open letter was signed by hundreds of prominent Australian individuals and organisations including the NSW Teachers Federation.
Posted: 17 July 2006
The Australian Education Union today launched a national campaign aimed at increasing government investment in public schools. The campaign, titled
Posted: 17 July 2006
The Cornerstones Conference is a historic public education event, exploring the issues which confront the teaching profession, putting these issues into the public domain and building policy foundations for the next generation. The Conference will be held on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 September 2006 at the Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney.
Posted: 16 July 2006
Today the NSW Teachers Federation is distributing a leaflet to parents in NSW, via The Sun-Herald, concerning the state government's determination to introduce student reports in schools which impose an A to E grading. The leaflet explains to parents the Federation's concerns over the government's attitude.
Posted: 6 July 2006
At 2pm on Friday 7th July, NSW Teachers Federation will host a discussion forum on Student Reports.
Posted: 5 July 2006
The Federation will host its first live web forum this Friday 7th July at 2pm (AEST). The web-forum will begin with a podcast on the issues surrounding A-E gradings in student reports from Maree O'Halloran.
Posted: 4 July 2006
ACTU Secretary, Greg Combet outlined the impact of John Howard
Posted: 4 July 2006
Daughter of former Federation President Eric Pearson, Susie Preston, presented the union with her father
Posted: 4 July 2006
Maree O
Posted: 4 July 2006
The ongoing professional learning opportunities for teachers in NSW, particularly for those teaching students with disabilities, still leave a lot to be desired, author of the Eric Pearson Study Grant report, Vivienne Harling, told Annual Conference on July 3.
Posted: 4 July 2006
Janet Hannaford gave the Women's Coordinator's Report.
Posted: 3 July 2006
Staff welfare and bullying was voted the number one item for consideration in motions from associations. The item was proposed by the Inner City Teachers Association.
Posted: 2 July 2006
Approximately 600 teachers from across New South Wales have arrived in Sydney for the Annual Conference of the NSW Teachers Federation. The conference will take place over three days in the Sydney Masonic Centre and determine the policy of the NSW Teachers Federation for the next year. The theme of the conference is "Public Schools and TAFE Colleges - Building Great Communities."
Posted: 2 July 2006
Eleven people were granted life membership of the NSW Teachers Federation Van Davy, Mary Fogarty, Neil Free, Barry Johnson, Jennifer Leete, John McElroy, Bruce McKelvey, Jane Noman, Lib Ruytenberg, Brian Smith and Fionie Stavert received life membership. The ceremony was followed by the annual life member's lunch.
Posted: 2 July 2006
Michael de Wall, Councillor, St Marys/Mt Druitt Teachers Association reported on beginning teachers. This issue received media attention leading up to the conference. In a recent survey, beginning teachers were asked to their key concerns. Workload, behaviour management, pay and class sizes were the issues ranked highest by the teachers. Michael reported on the importance of collegiality to the teaching profession and its importance to beginning teachers.
Posted: 2 July 2006
The Annual Report was given by Maree O'Halloran. In 2006 the NSW continued to fight for improvements in Public Education and the rights of Australian workers. Members of the NSW Teachers Federation took industrial action three times during the past year in opposition to John Howard's industrial relations laws. The Federation has been singled out by the media on each of these occasions. Membership in the union movement in Australia is growing.
Posted: 2 July 2006
Nicholas Cowdery is the Director of Public Prosecution in NSW. Text of address [html] Related story on the ABC
Posted: 2 July 2006
Dr. Peter Kell, Chair of the TAFE Futures Inquiry, gave a report on the inquiry. It is the intention of the Inquiry to seek written and oral submissions from a range of different stakeholders of the system, including students, teachers, community groups, industry associations, small and medium businesses and those who live in regional areas.  Linda Simon, TAFETA Secretary, reported on TAFE issues.
Posted: 30 June 2006
NSW Teachers Federation Annual Conference 2006 By Diane Hague Media and Communications Officer Over 600 teachers from across the state will be meeting in Sydney for three days from Sunday 2 July to debate professional and industrial issues of concern to teachers in public education. The conference theme is 'Public Schools and TAFE Colleges - Building Great Communities'. The Conference will be held on Sunday 2 July, Monday 3 July and Tuesday 4 July 2006 at the Masonic Centre, Goulburn Street, Sydney.
Posted: 30 June 2006
Fax to schools on Thursday 29 June On Thursday 29 June a fax was sent to Federation Representatives and Principals about student reports. The text of the fax from the General Secretary is reproduced. All Federation Representatives and Principals Re: Student Reports and Industrial Relations Dear colleagues 1. New Student Reports
Posted: 29 June 2006
By Country Organisers Thousands attend rallies in country New South Wales
Posted: 26 June 2006
A message to parents On Wednesday 28 June, the National Day of Action against the Howard Government's industrial relations laws, public schools will remain open with teachers available for supervision to assist parents who are workers to attend the rallies and marches across the state. Maree O'Halloran, Federation President, said today:
Posted: 25 June 2006
The National Week of Action called by the ACTU and Unions NSW against the Federal Government's industrial relations laws begins today and ends on Saturday 1 July. All unions in NSW will be involved in the week of action. Wednesday 28 June is a National Day of Action. In Sydney, a mass rally and march will be held from 9 am at Blacktown Showground. Other rallies are being held across NSW. The details of these rallies are on the Federation's Your Rights at Work campaign website.
Posted: 16 June 2006
The Minister for Education and Training has announced that the state's smallest public schools will have two adults on duty at all times during the school day. Maree O'Halloran, NSW Teachers Federation President, today congratulated the state government on the announcement made yesterday by the Minister for Education and Training, Carmel Tebbutt, that the state's smallest public schools will have two adults on duty at all times during the school day. Ms O'Halloran said:
Posted: 6 June 2006
The NSW government handed down the state budget today. While there is some additional funding for school maintenance and capital works, overall the budget is disappointing for public education. Angelo Gavrielatos, Deputy President of the NSW Teachers Federation, said: "The state government announcement of an additional $120 million for school maintenance over four years to tackle the long overdue maintenance works which form the maintenance backlog, is awarded a 'C'. The small increase in capital works funding for public education is welcomed.