Posted: 31 August 2005
Subsidising the yawning gap between rich and poor in the education sector is immoral, writes Lyndsay Connors in today's Sydney Morning Herald. The fact that Ascham, an eastern suburbs, private, high-fee, girls' school has recruited its latest principal from the executive ranks of the public school system made the news in yesterday's Herald. This is a harbinger of moves to come, with many experienced school leaders and teachers in the public and non-government schools now moving towards retirement.
Posted: 30 August 2005
Some Regions of the DET provided the names of schools without first asking them if they agreed to be included in the trial of ESSA. The Year 8 Essential Secondary Science Assessment (ESSA), announced by Bob Carr in April this year, is to be trialled in around 100 schools on 6 December. In order to achieve a balanced cross-section of schools to trial the test, the DET's Measurement Directorate asked each of the Regions to provide a list of 10 schools to participate.
Posted: 30 August 2005
By Kathy Deacon Organiser Over 200 people attended the public Forum, ESL provision in NSW Public Schools, held at Bankstown Girls High School on Monday 29th August. The forum was supported by the three Principal organisations; the Primary Principals Association, the Public School Principals Forum and the Secondary Principals Council and also the P & C Association.
Posted: 29 August 2005
By Nicole Calnan "Over 40 000 students in need of English as a Second Language (ESL) assistance are unable to receive the support and assistance they need," Angelo Gavrielatos, Senior Vice President of the NSW Teachers Federation said today. A public meeting will be held Monday 29th August 4pm, at Bankstown Girls High School, to discuss the provision of ESL to students in NSW public schools.
Posted: 24 August 2005
Before the State Election in 2003, the NSW Government made a commitment to retain and enhance the Priority Schools Funding Program (formerly the Disadvantaged Schools Program), retain the Priority Action Schools Program and establish the Priority Schools Help Program, thereby establishing a three tiered approach to equity programs.
Posted: 22 August 2005
ESL provision in public schools A public forum on the provision of ESL in public schools will be held at 4pm on Monday 29th August at Bankstown Girls High School. The forum has the support of the NSW Primary Principals Association, NSW Secondary Principals Council, Public Schools Principals Forum and the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations. An invitation has been extended to the following politicians:
Posted: 22 August 2005
Within hours of a fire which destroyed Kelso High School's building and equipment, the Bathurst community rallied to support the school. Pledges of money and other assistance flooded into 2BS, the local radio station. Assistance has been offered by the Bathurst Regional Council, local businesses, neighbouring schools, former students and members of the community.
Posted: 19 August 2005
By Nicole Calnan The Howard Government passed legislation through the Senate this week which blocks funding to TAFE, unless State and Territory Governments agree to a range of industrial relation changes. President of NSW Teachers Federation Maree O'Halloran said today:
Posted: 18 August 2005
By Nicole Calnan Federation will host a New Teachers Conference on September 17 2005. This is an opportunity for new teachers and activists to discuss issues relevant to their teaching.
Posted: 15 August 2005
Today NSW Premier Morris Iemma released details of how NSW public primary schools will be required to implement changes to student reports which have been imposed by the Federal Government. NSW Teachers Federation Deputy President Jennifer Leete said today; "The imposition of Federal Government requirements on student reports for NSW Schools could put at risk the capacity of each school to respond to what their community wants in reports.
Posted: 9 August 2005
As has been reported in Education the Federation's Senior Officers have been calling on Minister Tebbutt to defer the proposed mandatory Year 10 Computing Skills Assessment Test for 2006. The Minister has been fully briefed on Year 7-10 syllabus requirements in relation to mandatory ICT competencies. The Minister has been provided with details of the difficulties faced by schools in terms of inadequate technology support and inadequate access to up-to-date and effectively functioning computer hardware and software.
Posted: 5 August 2005
Federal Conference The Australian Electoral Commission has advised of elections under the Workplace Relation Act for the Australian Education Union - NSW Branch Nominations are called for: Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Federal Conference Delegate (nominees and nominators for this office must be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander members)
Posted: 2 August 2005
Faxstream to all worksites - please bring to the attention of all Federation members Premier Bob Carr has sent a letter to all State Government employees including teachers. Dear Colleagues Please find attached a letter from Premier Bob Carr to all State Government employees including teachers. The DET has yet to distribute this letter to DET employees. Other public sector departments have already done so.
Posted: 29 July 2005
All asylum seeker/refugee children and their families to be released from detention today. Angelo Gavrielatos, Senior Vice President, said today, "Whilst the changes to immigration, asylum seeker and refugee policy announced by the federal government do not go far enough, the release of the children and their families is a great thing.
Posted: 27 July 2005
By Nicole Calnan Relieving Media Officer New South Wales teachers believe that the Premier's best policy decisions in the education portfolio have been the ones based on the advice of parents, principals and teachers in public education. Most memorable of those were:
Posted: 22 July 2005
Advice for Federation Representatives and Principals Federation advice is not to volunteer for the DET trial. Federation will advise schools if an acceptable outcome is negotiated under the auspices of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. Annual School Reports and the supporting protocols are part of our award. The Industrial Relations Commission is currently considering whether the State Government's proposed new Annual School Reports are in breach of the award. There have already been two hearings about this matter. 
Posted: 21 July 2005
Federation Pre-selection of Government School teacher candidates on the Quality Teaching Council of the NSW Institute of Teachers In accordance with decisions of the Federation's Conference, Council and Executive, in relation to the N.S.W. Institute of Teachers, nominations are called for candidates to be Federation endorsed candidates to stand in the Quality Teaching Council election.
Posted: 21 July 2005
The NSW Teachers Federation has welcomed the release from Villawood Detention Centre of two students, but the union has condemned the policies of the Howard Government that had them detained in the first place. Federation Senior Vice President Angelo Gavrielatos said no child should be placed in detention.
Posted: 15 July 2005
The Federal Government's Australian Technical Colleges have been revealed in NSW as nothing more than private schools charging fees. NSW Teachers Federation President Maree O'Halloran said today: "The announcement of the Federal Government of more funding for St Josephs Catholic School in Port Macquarie and ITeC, a private provider in the Illawarra, is not even a band aid solution to the current skills crisis."
Posted: 11 July 2005
A commentary by Sydney Morning Herald economics editor, Ross Gittens, attacks the credibility of the government industrial relations ads. Responding to government claims of "lies" by the unions, Mr. Gittens says, "It's an invitation to people in my position to run the old lie detector over the Government's claims. And frankly, those taxpayer-financed newspaper ads at the weekend don't stack up too well." He describes the various claims made by the government and contrasts them to the facts, pointing out the important details the government ads omit.
Posted: 5 July 2005
The industrial relations campaign is absolutely critical to the TAFE sector, NSW Teachers Federation President Maree O'Halloran told the union's annual conference on July 5. The industrial relations campaign opposes Howard Government proposed changes to industrial relations. Federal Government proposals include tying TAFE funding, to be offered to the states, to the offering of Australian Workplace Agreements [individual contracts].
Posted: 5 July 2005
Misses major priorities The recommendations of the Department of Education and Training's Aboriginal Education Review don't focus on the true areas that must be addressed, NSW Teachers Federation Industrial officer Peter Wilson told annual conference on July 5.
Posted: 5 July 2005
NSW Teachers Federation Women's Co-ordinator, Siobhan Callan, reported on the union's women's program. She described the impact of John Howard's proposed IR changes on women. Many of Australia's casual and poorly paid workers are women and these people are particularly likely to be adversely affected by Howard's IR agenda. As teachers, our concern is not limited to the impact of the changes on people as workers but also the impact they will have on the parents of the children we teach.
Posted: 4 July 2005
Proposals formulated by local and state-wide associations of the NSW Teachers Federation are considered in this session. Delegates to the conference vote on the order that motions from associations are considered. The conference considers as many of these proposals as time allows. Twenty-three proposals were receive from associations for consideration of the 2005 Annual Conference.
Posted: 4 July 2005
By NSW Teachers Federation Ignorance is John Howard's ally, Australian Council of Trade Unions Secretary Greg Combet told NSW Teachers Federation annual conference on July 4. He described the Howard Government's industrial relations agenda, including the attack on job security and the erosion of the powers of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission. "When people do know what is being proposed here and how it's going to affect their working rights, they are appalled."