Posted: 3 July 2005
Karen Burnett, Sally Edsall, John Hughes, Helen MacGregor, Pat Morgan, Tim Mulroy, Claire Shanahan and Al Svirskis have been made life members of the NSW Teachers Federation. Life membership is granted to members who have contributed to the NSW Teachers Federation over many years. Nominations for life membership are made by local and state-wide teacher associations and endorsed by the Federation's annual conference.        
Posted: 3 July 2005
For a Just Society Maree O'Halloran moved the conference theme "Public Education and Unionism - For a Just Society." The theme was seconded by NSW Teachers Federation executive member, Chris Goudkamp. Maree described the demand by the media for the publication of student test results and reminded delegates of the front page story "The Class We Failed" which led to the reporting agenda. The recommendation calls for:
Posted: 1 July 2005
NSW Teachers Federation Annual Conference will be held 3-5 July 2005 at University of Technology, Sydney. The program includes: Sunday 3rd July Helen Kelly - New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Vice President Ms Kelly was Assistant General Secretary of New Zealand Education Institute under National Government throughout the period of neo-liberal reform and witnessed its devastating impact on schools, teachers and workers generally.
Posted: 30 June 2005
The issue of annual school reports is currently in the Industrial Relations Commission For decades public schools have produced an annual report about the school's progress. This is in addition to individual student reports sent home during the year. "In 1996 the State Government made changes to the report and insisted that those changes be part of the Teacher's Award. "In 1997 the reporting procedures had protocols attached to ensure that individual students and groups cannot be identified and stigmatised by subsequent media reports.
Posted: 30 June 2005
UnionsNSW community sky channel meeting 9am-11am tomorrow 1st July 2005. President of the NSW Teachers Federation Ms Maree O'Halloran said today: "Teachers will be available at the vast majority of the state's 2200 public schools to supervise students during the UnionsNSW Community Sky Channel meeting in the morning. "Teachers not supervising students will join police, firefighters, nurses and other working people at the stop work meetings tomorrow.
Posted: 29 June 2005
On Friday 1 July at 9.00am teachers in public education will be joining nurses, police, firefighters, private school teachers and a range of other workers, parents and community members in stop work action about the Federal Government's proposed industrial relations laws. "A satellite broadcast will be beamed live by Sky Channel from Sydney Town Hall to venues across the state. "This stop work is expected to be the biggest ever held in New South Wales.
Posted: 28 June 2005
Annual School Reports in the State Industrial Relations Commission In an act of contempt against its own Industrial Relations Commission, the State Government has announced changes to the Annual School Reports which breach a state industrial award. "Using the Federal Government's quadrennial funding conditions as a shield, the State Government proposes changes to Annual School Reports which will inevitably lead to the formation of school "league" tables.
Posted: 24 June 2005
The NSW Teachers Federation and the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group have developed a set of priority recommendations as a plan to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal children. "These priorities are supported by the Secondary Principals' Council, the Primary Principals' Association and the Public Schools Principals' Forum.  "We have met with the Minister, Carmel Tebbutt on numerous occasions to pursue this plan," said President of the NSW Teachers Federation Ms Maree O'Halloran. 
Posted: 22 June 2005
The Sydney Swans will pay Tribute to Public Education with a showcase of talented public school children in the pre-match entertainment before this Saturday's game at Telstra stadium. The Sydney Swans and Telstra Stadium invite your school community to join in the celebrations and be part of the annual classic 'Big Night Out' match when the Sydney Swans take on the Collingwood Magpies at Telstra Stadium on June 25, 2005.
Posted: 22 June 2005
The Federation has produced for schools and colleges a letter that can be used to send home to parents to inform them of the importance of the nationwide 'Your Rights at Work' campaign and the stop work meeting on the 1st July.Letter to Parents/Community Members re: Friday, 1 July 2005 Stop Work As part of the nationwide 'Your Rights at Work' campaign, teachers will be supporting industrial action called by Unions NSW on Friday, 1 July 2005.
Posted: 15 June 2005
June Council endorsed the call by Unions NSW for members to attend the 1 July Sky Channel meetings. The Federation authorises minimum supervision arrangements in schools during this stopwork action. The Federation encourages all casual school teachers and part-time casual TAFE teachers to attend these Sky Channel meetings. You are reminded that proposed Federal Government Industrial Relations changes will potentially expose Public Education teachers to:
Posted: 14 June 2005
The Federal Government has told schools that they will not receive any Federal money unless they report on matters such as staff absences, for example, illness, maternity leave or absences from school for other reasons. According to Dr Nelson, this type of information is to be displayed on either
Posted: 9 June 2005
Teachers in our public schools protect their students. Teachers in public schools provide excellent teaching and learning programmes and consistently work hard to ensure the welfare of the students in their care. Today the Daily Telegraph ran an article on page 19 entitled School Bullies attack brain damaged boy. The Sydney Morning Herald ran a similar article on page 3. Both articles describe an incident at a High School in Sydney in which a Year 7 brain injured student suffered an attack by two other Year 7 students.
Posted: 8 June 2005
The TAFE Teachers Association congratulates TAFE students who participated in the World Skills Competition recently, and gained such outstanding results.
Posted: 8 June 2005
Advice To Schools All members are asked to carefully consider the implications of involvement in this "initiative".There are NO resources available to the school for offering itself as a tutorial centre. Despite assurances from the DET to the contrary, involvement in this "initiative" will create additional work for the Principal and other staff of schools involved. The Department of Education and Training is the broker for the Federal Government's Tutorial Voucher Initiative. DET is also the employer of all the tutors.
Posted: 7 June 2005
Education Minister Carmel Tebbutt continues to undermine and indeed disavow the profession with her response to the media hysteria whipped up by stories in the Daily Telegraph today and yesterday.
Posted: 6 June 2005
The NSW Teachers Federation has responded to the appalling decision of Minister of Education Carmel Tebutt to withdraw resources that teach against homophobic discrimination. The Hon. Carmel Tebbutt, MLC Minister for Education and Training GPO Box 5070 SYDNEY NSW 2000 Facsimile: 9228 5366 Dear Ms Tebbutt Re: Anti discrimination and anti homophobia programs in schools The Federation is appalled by your decision to allow the Daily Telegraph to drive education policy in this state.
Posted: 3 June 2005
The NSW Industrial Relations Commission today made an award which increases the salary of many part time casual teachers employed in TAFE. President of the NSW Teachers Federation Maree O'Halloran said; "The Teachers Federation lodged an application to improve the salaries and conditions of TAFE part time casual teachers in 2003. "Arbitration was conducted during 2004 with an interim decision in December 2004. This final award hearing follows months of conciliation and negotiation with the Department of Education and Training.
Posted: 1 June 2005
More than 1000 people rallied in Sydney on June 1 for the National Day of Action opposing the Howard Government's plans to introduce compulsory offering of Australian Workplace Agreements in TAFE colleges and universities. Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) are individual contracts negotiated between a single worker and an employer. TAFE Federation members rallied near Sydney Institute where they heard from Australian Education Union Federal TAFE President Linda Simon and NSW TAFE Teachers Association President Geoff Turnbull.
Posted: 31 May 2005
End the Cruelty � End the Abuse It is totally unacceptable that in Australia children are detained and denied educational opportunities and basic human rights. New South Wales Teachers Federation Senior Vice President Angelo Gavrielatos said today; "Last year the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Inquiry Report damned Australia's detention of children as 'cruel, inhumane and degrading'. Yet, as reported in today's Sydney Morning Herald, 70 children still remain in detention.
Posted: 31 May 2005
A significant breakthrough for the recognition of the work value of Part time Casual Teachers in TAFE has been reached by the NSW Teachers Federation! The case started in the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW on 1 September 2003. Federation and the DET have now reached agreement on an offer to be implemented from the beginning of semester 2, this year. More information
Posted: 27 May 2005
your rights at work - worth fighting for Public education teacher representatives joined thousands of their union colleagues today at venues across NSW. They watched a satellite broadcast from UnionsNSW about the Federal Government's proposed industrial relations changes.
Posted: 26 May 2005
NSW Teachers Federation won increased salaries for TAFE part-time casual teachers "For the record, a media statement released by the Federal Minister for Vocational and Technical Education Mr Hardgrave, dated 25 May 2005 entitled NSW Teachers Federation refuse to reward TAFE teachers, is wrong. Far from opposing increased salaries for NSW part-time casual teachers in TAFE, the Federation made the claim in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission that resulted in the increased salaries.
Posted: 25 May 2005
On 1st June 2005, TAFE teachers will take action in protest against the Federal Government's attacks on TAFE. They will be joining their university and TAFE colleagues nationally across the tertiary sector. NSW TAFE teachers and educational staff will be authorised to stop work to attend public rallies in major centres, or to take other action including protests outside the offices of the Federal Government Members of Parliament. President of the NSW Teachers Federation Maree O'Halloran said:
Posted: 24 May 2005
Budget media release The State Government's complacency in the face of the needs of public education is an indictment and an electoral liability. Today's State Budget does not even deliver a bandaid solution for public education. Instead there appears to be an effective real cut. President of the NSW Teachers Federation Ms Maree O'Halloran said today: