Posted: 25 February 2005
TAFE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS CHALLENGE MINISTER HARDGRAVE Linda Simon Secretary TAFE Teachers Association said today: "TAFE Teachers and students in the Illawarra challenge the Federal Minister for Vocational and Technical Education, Gary Hardgrave, to do something real about skill shortages in the Illawarra, to increase funding to TAFE and not to waste the taxpayer's money."
Posted: 24 February 2005
The battle for public education in North Sydney. A public meeting at Balgowlah on Wednesday night gave residents an insight into the future of Seaforth TAFE. Despite a smooth presentation by LANDCOM developers, a large portion of the community remains unmoved. Since Seaforth TAFE opened in 1962, community support of public education has been steadfast. The overwhelming desire of the community is for the TAFE to remain. Students now have to travel one and a half hours to Meadowbank and Hornsby TAFE colleges for courses once available at Seaforth.
Posted: 23 February 2005
Shadow Minister Skinner should urge Federal counterparts to increase TAFE funding Both the NSW and Federal Governments underfund TAFE. Increased funding from both levels of government is required to alleviate the current skills shortage. Maree O'Halloran, President, NSW Teachers Federation said today:
Posted: 23 February 2005
On Tuesday, 22 February 2005, the Daily Telegraph ran a story on page 4 with the headline Secret horror: Teacher Assaults. The story contained information about a violence audit conducted by the Teachers Federation 18 months ago in August 2003.
Posted: 22 February 2005
A reduced teaching load and a properly resourced induction program with support by a teacher mentor is what is required to properly support Beginning Teachers as they start their careers. Currently 25% of our new teachers resign within the first five years of their teaching career. Real action and betterments are required to ensure that quality new teachers enter and continue in the profession. Today the Institute of Teachers released a codified a set of standards that describe the performance standards expected of beginning teachers.
Posted: 17 February 2005
Small changes to staffing in Public Schools Staff transfers and appointments to schools remain effectively the same, says Angelo Gavrielatos, Senior Vice President.
Posted: 16 February 2005
Public Education Maintains Statewide Staffing Ms Maree O'Halloran, President of the NSW Teachers Federation said today: 'The Teachers in NSW public schools are pleased that a new staffing agreement has been negotiated between the Federation and the NSW Government.'
Posted: 15 February 2005
Vinson Report Audit and DET Futures Project Professor Vinson has commenced work on an audit of the State Government's progress towards implementing the recommendations of his independent Inquiry into public education. Professor Vinson and his team will be located at Sydney University. The audit was commissioned and will be funded by the P&C and the Teachers Federation.
Posted: 9 February 2005
The Prime Minister's comments today represent a blatant attack on public education. The Prime Minister clearly intends to create a crisis of confidence in our public schools. On Wednesday 8th February, Prime Minister Howard in response to an article in the Australian based on the comments of the NSW President of the English Teacher's Association launched an ill-informed attack on Public Education.
Posted: 9 February 2005
Fortunately, for Australia�s future, many students in NSW have decided that a career in the trades is for them. However, many TAFE classes are full, and there are long waiting lists Mr Geoff Turnbull, President of the TAFE Teachers Association of NSW said today:
Posted: 7 February 2005
Federation co-hosting book launch The children's books Koalas on Parade and the Rainbow Cubby House will be launched at Federation House, Mary Street, Surry Hills on Friday 11 February 2005, at 5 pm. These books are an initiative of Learn to Include, who produces engaging and accessible books designed to teach children in the first three years of school that same sex relationships exist.
Posted: 1 February 2005
TAFE Part Time Casual Pro Rata Case and Membership Recruitment 1. TAFE Part Time Casual Pro Rata Case On 20 December 2004 the Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission handed down its decision on this case, which was lodged by the Federation in 2003.
Posted: 27 January 2005
By NSW Teachers Federation The When the World Said No to War Photography Exhibition and Peace Education Forum will be held at the Pine Street Gallery, 64 Pine St Chippendale for 10 days from February 2. The exhibition celebrates and commemorates the moment in February 2003 that 30 million people took part in the largest peace demonstrations in history. It's an exhibition of photographs by the people, for the people, of the people.
Posted: 27 January 2005
On Holocaust Memorial Day 2005 the Union movement has expressed its deep sorrow for all the victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution. Victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution included millions of Jews, Roma, East European civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, trade unionists, communists, disabled people, Jehovah's Witnesses, lesbians, gay men and black Germans. This year's theme is Survivors and Liberation. Today also marks the 60th anniversary of the day the Red Army liberated the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland.
Posted: 25 January 2005
Federation's website runner-up in international union website awards By John Dixon Assistant General Secretary - Communications & Administration The Federation's website was runner-up in the prestigious Labourstart annual website of the year award. With the Canadian Union of Public Employees with over half a million members taking out first place.
Posted: 20 January 2005
It comes as no surprise to public education teachers that Dr Refshauge's focus as the new Treasurer will be tax cuts rather than better resourced public schools, TAFE Colleges and public services generally, Federation President Maree O'Halloran said today (January 20). "Dr Refshauge, like his predecessors, presided over a Department that has received proportionately less resources over the last five years than the NSW public sector as a whole," Ms O'Halloran said.
Posted: 19 January 2005
NSW has a new Education Minister following a Cabinet reshuffle sparked by the retirement of Treasurer Michael Egan. NSW Teachers Federation President Maree O'Halloran said today (January 19): "Teachers in the public education system note the appointment today of the former Education and Training Minister, Dr Andrew Refshauge to the position of Treasurer of NSW. It is our fervent hope that Dr Refshauge will ensure increased funds to public services in this State, particularly public education.
Posted: 18 January 2005
By Angelo Gavrielatos Federation will call on teachers to donate a half day's pay to assist in fund raising efforts in response to the tsunami disaster. Acknowledging that there has already been an overwhelming response from the Australian community, including teachers, the call on teachers to donate a half day's pay will be replicated nationwide following a unanimous decision of delegates to the Annual Conference of the Australian Education Union held in Perth January 14-16.
Posted: 17 January 2005
Australian Volunteers International currently has a number of international volunteer positions in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Middle East with many positions specifically suiting professionals with secondary teaching qualifications. Placements are for two years and volunteers are provided with airfares, visas, accommodation, travel insurance and a modest living allowance. Australian Volunteers International has placed around 6000 Australians in 69 countries over the past 50 years.
Posted: 12 January 2005
Voting closes 15th January By John Dixon Assistant General Secretary - Communications & Administration Three of the top 5 trade union websites, in the annual popular vote for best website across the globe, come out of Australia.The NSWTF has once again been nominated for the Labourstart website of the year. Voting closes on January 15 in the LabourStart Website of the Year competition.
Posted: 4 January 2005
By John Dixon Acting General Secretary The Federation will raise with the other state teacher unions at the federal conference of the Australian Education Union later this month, a co-ordinated long-term strategy to assist school children in those countries that have been devastated by the recent earthquakes and the tsunami.
Posted: 1 December 2004
No pay rise no student results Head Teachers and other senior staff at Wollongong TAFE will stop work for up to two hours on Wednesday 1 December 2004 from 10 a.m. Peter de Graaff, New South Wales Teachers Federation TAFE Organiser said today : "Head Teachers and other senior staff at Wollongong TAFE will stop work for up to two hours on Wednesday 1 December 2004 from 10 a.m. The stopwork meeting will be held in the auditorium, Building P, at Wollongong TAFE, Foleys Road, Wollongong. Media are invited.
Posted: 24 November 2004
 By John Dixon Assistant General Secretary -Communications & Administration Head Teachers and other Senior Staff at St George TAFE will stopwork from 11:00 am on Thursday 25 November 2004 . Head Teachers will also be meeting at Wollongong to consider stopping work and taking further action. Maree O'Halloran, NSW Teachers Federation President said today:
Posted: 12 November 2004
TAFE TA News -- October 2004 Federal Elections Trying to work out the impact of the Howard Government's election promises on TAFE, will undoubtedly be occupying many minds for some time to come. The next Ministerial Council meeting is in November, and it was at this meeting that the Federal Minister Brendan Nelson said that he would again discuss the issue of a new ANTA Agreement. It will be interesting to see if this occurs.
Posted: 27 September 2004
The Howard Government plans to waste our money by duplicating existing courses in the areas that already have TAFE and school provision Maree O'Halloran, President of the NSW Teachers Federation said today: "The Howard Government proposes to waste $289.1 million by creating 24 Australian Technical Colleges that will do exactly what TAFE and schools can already do.