Posted: 26 July 2004
- Faxstream to all colleges - It is important that all members be aware that the Federation has been actively pursuing the full flow on of salary increases to all members, including additional increases for promotions positions arising from the Catholic school teacher employer's late and unexpected submission for 3% to 7.5% extra for their promotions positions.
Posted: 23 June 2004
The NSW Teachers Federation Executive today voted to cancel the Stop Work meetings proposed for Friday 25 June, given the Government's decision to fully fund public education teacher salaries increases. Maree O'Halloran, Teachers Federation President, said: "Despite the NSW Government's misleading claims about its incapacity to pay teacher salary increases, and the Treasurer's admission that they had the money for these increases, Executive voted to cancel Friday's industrial action.
Posted: 31 May 2004
27 May Strike - Recording Absences and Correct Payment - Advice to All TAFE Members PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL MEMBERS!  Congratulations to all for the strong support for the 24 hr strike yesterday, but be prepared for another strike on Wednesday 2 June! TAFE presence was very conspicuous at the big Sydney rally and on all TV coverage. When the Premier is forced out of his castle to respond, we know we're making an effective impact. 
Posted: 17 May 2004
By Country Organisers Teachers from many schools have taken spontaneous industrial action following the government's announcement that it was seeking to re-open the salaries case. Central Coast teachers held a rally outside the Industrial Relations Society Conference where John Della Bosca was speaking. Approximately 50 teachers from 15 schools attended this spontaneous demonstration and forcefully showed their disgust at the attempt by the government to reopen our salary case.
Posted: 13 May 2004
By Wayne Patterson Country Organiser Teachers at Orange High School have voted to hold a half-day strike tomorrow, 14 May, in response to the NSW Government's provocative manoeuvres in the teachers' salaries case. Orange High School teachers met immediately following news of the government's intentions. Regional television networks WIN and Prime, and the local newspaper, covered the action at Orange High School.
Posted: 5 May 2004
By Barry Johnson General Secretary The Federation has received a letter from the Minister for Justice in which a further offer regarding the 5.5% interim salaries increase is made. There are some aspects of the letter with which the Federation has concerns. These will be taken up with the Minister.
Posted: 30 April 2004
By Gary Zadkovich Media Officer The latest AC Nielsen poll shows that support for public schools continues to be very strong in the community. Ms. Maree O'Halloran, President of the NSW Teachers Federation, said today: "In the face of the Howard Government's deliberate undermining of our great public schools, 86% of people polled believe that the Federal Government needs to invest more in public education.
Posted: 13 February 2004
By Gary Zadkovich Media Officer The Teachers Federation's State Council on Saturday 14 February will debate the union's federal election strategy to defeat the Howard Government's unfair schools funding policies. The strategy will expose how the Federal Government's increased funding for private schools is not driven by enrolment patterns in either public or private schools. Maree O'Halloran, President of the NSW Teachers Federation said today:
Posted: 11 February 2004
By Gary Zadkovich Media Officer NSW public school students and teachers are sweltering in classrooms with no air-conditioning or with faulty air-conditioners. NSW Teachers Federation President, Maree O'Halloran, said that the union's officers have taken calls from concerned teachers around the state.
Posted: 6 February 2004
By Gary Zadkovich Media Officer Television advertisements supporting the NSW Teachers Federation's public education campaign will air on metropolitan and regional stations from Sunday 8 February, 2004. Maree O'Halloran, President, stated: "In the wake of the Prime Minister's deliberately divisive and damaging comments about public education, teachers have determined to air positive messages about public education.
Posted: 4 February 2004
By Maree O'Halloran President Teachers are gravely concerned that some TAFE Institutes may attempt to exclude students from classes next week. Every year students who apply for fee exemptions attend classes while their applications are processed. This year some TAFE Institutes have: Refused to even accept applications for fee exemptions, let alone consider them. Threatened to exclude students seeking fee exemptions from class. Teachers will not accept such threats to students.
Posted: 30 January 2004
Decision of the Industrial Relations Commission regarding the collection of TAFE fees Full text of decision
Posted: 29 January 2004
By Peter de Graaff TAFE Organiser Teachers across the Riverina Institute will continue their action to enrol students but not participate in the collection of the new fees Media Release Riverina Institute of TAFE refuses to consider student exemptions for hardship Peter de Graaff, NSW Teachers Federation, TAFE Organiser said today:
Posted: 28 January 2004
Advice for TAFE members Please Forward To As Many Members As Possible
Posted: 27 January 2004
The NSW Teachers Federation will run ads on 28 January about TAFE fee exemptions. Text of Advertisement Teachers continue action against TAFE fee increase
Posted: 5 December 2003
The Federation has written to the Minister for Education and Training expressing concern that advice provided to TAFE teachers may promote institutional corruption. 5 December 2003 The Hon Dr Andrew Refshauge  Deputy Premier  Minister for Education and Training & Minister for Aboriginal Affairs  Level 31 Governor Macquarie Tower  1 Farrer Place  SYDNEY NSW 2000 FAX: 9228 4400 Dear Dr Refshauge, Re: Riverina Institute Budget Management Strategies - ICAC
Posted: 5 December 2003
  By Peter de Graaff  TAFE Organiser St George TAFE Teachers join deputation to Jan McClelland on budget cuts Around ten teachers from St George TAFE College joined Linda Simon, TAFETA Secretary, and Peter de Graaff, TAFE Organiser, on a deputation to see the Director-General to express their concern at the impact of the current round of course cuts at their campus.
Posted: 5 December 2003
By Peter de Graaff  TAFE Organiser St George TAFE Teachers join deputation to Jan McClelland on budget cuts Around ten teachers from St George TAFE College joined Linda Simon, TAFETA Secretary, and Peter de Graaff, TAFE Organiser, on a deputation to see the Director-General to express their concern at the impact of the current round of course cuts at their campus.
Posted: 4 December 2003
By John Dixon Membership Officer/Organiser The Federation has received many requests for Tony Vinson's evidence in The Industrial Commission. Cross-examination by Counsel for the DET was very explicit in attempting to imply that the findings of the Inquiry were that the introduction of outcomes based education, assessment and reporting, as a result of the Education Act 1990 had led to a diminution in the professionalism of teachers.
Posted: 19 November 2003
TAFE students across the state are calling for the Treasurer Michael Egan, to take off his Versace loafers and to walk a week in their shoes. On Wednesday 19 November at 1.00pm, they will be rallying outside State Parliament House to demonstrate their opposition to TAFE fees proposed for 2004.
Posted: 11 November 2003
Government denigrates Public Education Teachers Bulletin faxed to Federation Representatives, Principals and Institute Managers Premier Fails to Respond The Federation has called on the Premier to:
Posted: 10 November 2003
At this stage there are over 1,000 pages of transcript from the salaries case. Here are some extracts from the transcript of proceedings in the Industrial Relations Commission arising from cross-examination of teacher witnesses. The government's legal team acts on instructions from the government/DET. This legal team has been cross-examining public education teacher witnesses (including Professor Tony Vinson) about the work value of teachers. The cross-examination about outcomes-based assessment has been designed to make the following points:
Posted: 6 November 2003
Maralyn Parker well known education commentor in her regular column in the Daily Telegraph this week focused on the current teachers' salaries case. Here are her comments: Teachers shortchanged by minister in denial This is something you should know: in the Industrial Relations Commission a battle is being fought over teacher's salaries. It is not so much that there is a battle. Teachers could never get an increase as easily as politicians could. It is the tactics being used that I think you might be interested in.
Posted: 28 October 2003
TAFE Funding, Fees and Restructure - 24 Hour Strike and Bans Postponed The Federation's Senior Officers today endorsed the TAFE TA Executive recommendation of 24 October 2003: 'that the strike proposed for 4 November be postponed at this stage, and that the bans imposed by TAFE non-teaching educational staff are lifted until consideration of the new structure due the week beginning 3 November.'
Posted: 23 October 2003
Services for schools and students slashed By Angelo Gavrielatos Senior-Vice President The Government has ignored the most significant criticism evident in the bulk of the 5000 submissions it received: it has not abandoned the reduction of support to schools and colleges, students and teachers which will be caused by the loss of 1000 positions. Its response has been to make further structural changes but these have failed to hide reduced support to schools and colleges