Posted: 11 November 2003
Government denigrates Public Education Teachers Bulletin faxed to Federation Representatives, Principals and Institute Managers Premier Fails to Respond The Federation has called on the Premier to:
Posted: 10 November 2003
At this stage there are over 1,000 pages of transcript from the salaries case. Here are some extracts from the transcript of proceedings in the Industrial Relations Commission arising from cross-examination of teacher witnesses. The government's legal team acts on instructions from the government/DET. This legal team has been cross-examining public education teacher witnesses (including Professor Tony Vinson) about the work value of teachers. The cross-examination about outcomes-based assessment has been designed to make the following points:
Posted: 6 November 2003
Maralyn Parker well known education commentor in her regular column in the Daily Telegraph this week focused on the current teachers' salaries case. Here are her comments: Teachers shortchanged by minister in denial This is something you should know: in the Industrial Relations Commission a battle is being fought over teacher's salaries. It is not so much that there is a battle. Teachers could never get an increase as easily as politicians could. It is the tactics being used that I think you might be interested in.
Posted: 28 October 2003
TAFE Funding, Fees and Restructure - 24 Hour Strike and Bans Postponed The Federation's Senior Officers today endorsed the TAFE TA Executive recommendation of 24 October 2003: 'that the strike proposed for 4 November be postponed at this stage, and that the bans imposed by TAFE non-teaching educational staff are lifted until consideration of the new structure due the week beginning 3 November.'
Posted: 23 October 2003
Services for schools and students slashed By Angelo Gavrielatos Senior-Vice President The Government has ignored the most significant criticism evident in the bulk of the 5000 submissions it received: it has not abandoned the reduction of support to schools and colleges, students and teachers which will be caused by the loss of 1000 positions. Its response has been to make further structural changes but these have failed to hide reduced support to schools and colleges
Posted: 10 October 2003
Fax to TAFE Fed Reps -- 8 October 2003 A 24 hour strike and rally to be held on 4 November of all TAFE TA members, if issues are not resolved in relation to TAFE fees and the proposed restructure of TAFE At the last Federation Executive meeting it was decided to:
Posted: 20 September 2003
By David Ferguson OCAA President The Federation wrote today, 19 September 2003, to Jan McClelland, Director General of the Department of Education and Training, condemning the latest delay to the release of the restructure proposal. Federation has called on members to meet on Wednesday 24 September 2003 to compile their immediate response to the proposal in terms of its impact on support to schools and colleges. The Federation said: "Dear Ms McClelland
Posted: 17 September 2003
The Federation's Senior Officers and officers would like to congratulate the thousands upon thousands of members who attended meetings and rallies all around the state. Indications from around the state is that the support for the stoppage was the highest ever with many schools reporting 100% out More than 20,000 NSW public school and TAFE teachers converged on parliament house today to condemn the state government's "despicable" pay offer and deliver thousands of letters demanding salary increases.
Posted: 16 September 2003
Salaries Bulletin 10 Federation has placed bans on unfunded government initiatives as part of the salaries campaign. At the July 29 Sky Channel meeting the membership overwhelmingly endorsed the proposition that Federation implement a ban strategy with respect to unfunded government initiatives to achieve objectives of the salaries campaign.
Posted: 15 September 2003
Yesterday, readers of the Sun Herald received, as an insert in their newspaper, a leaflet explaining why teachers both need and deserve a pay rise and why any increase awarded by the Industrial Relations Commission must attract additional funding to the education budget. The State Government must not use any of the money currently allocated to education to pay for an increase in teachers' wages. The Government must ensure that any increase in teachers pay is fully funded by Treasury. The leaflet explains that:
Posted: 10 September 2003
A rally to save the ABC will be held in the Domain above the parking station on Sunday, 14 September at 12 noon. Speakers / Performers include: Messages from: Quentin Dempster Malcolm Fraser  Richard Glover Hugh Mackay  Zoe Carides  Robert Manne  Maree O'Halloran  Jack Thompson  John Derum  Derrick Wilding  Margaret Pomeranz  Sharon Brownlee  Gary Cook  Ramona Koval  David Barr  Newtown Performing Arts High Band  School groups
Posted: 15 August 2003
The Federation continues to oppose the restructure proposed in Lifelong Learning - The Future of Public Education in NSW and any loss of jobs arising. Federation has pursued all avenues to ensure proper consultation and prevent the worst features of the restructure, including the lodgement of a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission.
Posted: 5 August 2003
Federation executive decision Executive expresses its concern that funding cuts at the ABC have led to cuts to educational programs, news and current affairs and to the ABC's cadet training program Ms Jennifer Leete, Deputy President NSWTF said today; "Federation Executive today considered the proposed cuts to ABC services, particularly those related to schools and carried the following resolution."
Posted: 5 August 2003
Closure of TAFE Building -Goulburn The Teachers Federation will oppose any attempt to handover the Illawarra Institute of TAFE's Art & Media campus, corner Bourke and Verner Streets, Goulburn to Trinity Catholic College. Maree O'Halloran, President of the NSW Teachers Federation said today:
Posted: 8 July 2003
Phil Roberts, recipient of the Eric Pearson Study Grant reported on his Research into issues that affect the quality of education received by students in rural and remote communities. Phil described a range of issues affecting country schools and country teachers. These include the need for appropriate training of teachers who will work in areas with high numbers of indigenous students, the importance of adequate housing and systems used to staff rural schools in other Australian states.
Posted: 7 July 2003
The theme, 'Valuing public education, teachers, students, communities' had been adopted by Annual Conference. Few things are more important to the well being of our children, our students and society than public education. The ability to maintain social cohesion in a pluralist society, the strength of our democracy and the realising of aspirations for all children are directly related to the strength and quality of public education.
Posted: 7 July 2003
ACTU President, Sharan Burrow, spoke to the conference about the polices of the federal government. Sharan described the impact of the Howard Government's policies on health, education and childcare. Federation Senior Vice President, Angelo Gavrielatos moved the recommendation and debate has commenced.
Posted: 6 July 2003
The 2003 NSW Teachers Federation Annual Conference has opened in Sydney. Teachers from across New South Wales have travelled to Sydney to consider the important issues facing public education and the teaching profession. These include Occupation Health and Safety, Professional Standards, Teacher Workload and the Salaries and Status of Teachers. The conference was opened by musical performances by Aboriginal students and an acknowledgment of the Gadigal people, traditional custodians of the land.
Posted: 30 May 2003
Teachers at Nowra, Bankstown and Chullora TAFE's will hold stop work meeting on Monday 2nd June Les Lovasz, President, Nowra Branch TAFE Teachers Association of the NSW Teachers Federation said today: "The meeting will take place on the first floor, (AV room) Building A, 60 Beinda Street from around 10.30 am. Representatives from the media are invited to attend."
Posted: 23 May 2003
Federation members are encouraged to respond to the draft standards published by the Interim Committee of the NSW Institute of Teachers. In June 2002, the Minister for Education and Training, John Watkins, established an Interim Committee to advise on the development of an Institute of Teachers.
Posted: 22 May 2003
Advice to TAFE members The focus of Public Education Day is the valuing of teachers and students in our public schools, TAFE colleges and other public education worksites, as well as the Vinson achievements to-date.
Posted: 19 March 2003
Fax message to TAFE teachers concerning training, Institute Consultative Committees and workplace assessment
Posted: 17 March 2003
Polling conducted by ACTU-Member Connect, two weeks after the A.C. Nielson Survey, shows strong support for increased government investment in public education and that teachers deserve to be paid more. The survey was conducted from 4-11 March 2003 and the sample size was 300 voters across NSW. Nine out of ten people polled agree that the NSW Government should invest more in public education. Eighty-eight percent of people polled agreed that teachers try their best in a difficult environment.
Posted: 3 February 2003
Information about OH&S, Training Plans and the DET TAFE Handbook 1) Occupational Health and Safety
Posted: 29 January 2003
Information about the state election, salaries, staffing, applications and Iraq 1) Public Education/State Election Campaign The Federation will be campaigning in all seats in the election. The focus of the strategy will be to achieve key Vinson Inquiry recommendations, salaries justice, improved industrial relations and increased funding for public education. The critical event of the campaign will be the Public Education Forum at 5pm, Wednesday 19 February 2003, at Sydney Town Hall. Members are urged to attend.