Posted: 29 January 2003
Sydney Town Hall, February 19 The last public event of the Federation's State Election Campaign and the first public event of the salaries campaign will be our Public Education Forum to be held in the Sydney Town Hall from 5.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 19 February. Please encourage all members, parents and students to attend (where practical). This is a critical event in the lead up to the State Election. All major political parties will be represented at the Forum.
Posted: 20 December 2002
Following the release of the Final Chapter of the Vinson Report September 2002, the Federation has claimed on behalf of its members the '5% catch up increase' recommended by that report in addition to the 5% already secured from 1 January 2003 November Council 2002 also finalised our claim for the next award (10% from 1 January 2004, 5% from 1 July 2004 and 5% from 1 July 2005 ending in December 2005.)
Posted: 20 December 2002
distributed in the Sun-Herald on 26th January The Vinson Inquiry's Plan for Public Education will be distributed to over 800,000 households for the beginning of the 2003 school year An 8 page booklet authored by Professor Vinson describes the Findings in Brief for parents and community members. It will be distributed in theSun-Herald on 26 January 2003. A summary leaflet will also be provided in community language translations in 12 community language newspapers.
Posted: 18 December 2002
The Vinson Report has been co-published by Pluto Press and the New South Wales Teachers Federation. The report was authored by Professor Tony Vinson and his colleagues, Dr Kathy Esson and Dr Ken Johnston. A reception in honour of the Vinson Inquiry team and a book signing will be held tonight: Wednesday 18 December, 2003 At 5:30 pm in the Teachers Federation Library First floor 23-33 Mary St Surry Hills MEDIA INVITED TO ATTEND
Posted: 4 December 2002
The Teachers Federation is opposed to the Government's proposal to build nine schools using a private consortium to finance the infrastructure and then leasing the buildings from that consortium for 30 years. The public ends up paying higher amounts in rent to the consortium than would be paid through government direct financing. Private enterprise currently build, clean and maintain our schools. Hence this new proposal is about financing. not service delivery. What is the motivation for government entertaining these deals?
Posted: 2 December 2002
  The agreement reached between the NSW Teachers Federation and the Minister for Education and Training, John Watkins, on staffing in TAFE, is a significant achievement. It will ensure that over the next three years, TAFE Institutes will work to have 55% of teaching hours taught by permanent teachers.
Posted: 2 December 2002
The agreement reached between the NSW Teachers Federation and the Minister for Education and Training, John Watkins, on staffing in TAFE, is a significant achievement. It will ensure that over the next three years, TAFE Institutes will work to have 55% of teaching hours taught by permanent teachers.
Posted: 21 November 2002
- Media Release- Industrial action planned by Personal and Community Health Services teachers across the Illawarra Institute has been averted after last minute negotiations between the Institute and the Federation including workplace representatives Peter de Graaff, NSW Teachers Federation, TAFE Organiser said today:
Posted: 14 November 2002
The following faxstream was sent out to all college Fed Reps and deals with Salaries; OHS; the State election campaign; Class Sizes, Composite Classes and Cuts to Course Hours;Annual Reviews;and Compliance With Standard 7 of the Australian Qualifications Training Framework
Posted: 22 August 2002
On September 18th this year, Canterbury Bankstown Teachers Association will be holding a 30th Anniversary Dinner to celebrate its 30 years of union activism in support of social justice and public education, and the public school students and teachers of the Bankstown area. C.B.T.A. is proud of its record of grassroots activism and the contribution it has made to the N.S.W. Teachers Federation since its inception as an association.
Posted: 3 June 2002
TAFE teachers in Southern Sydney Institute of TAFE are preparing to stop work next week to discuss further industrial action and protest against budget cuts within the Institute.
Posted: 28 May 2002
The Federation has made a submission to the Legislative Council's Inquiry into the Proposed Closure and Restructuring of Government Schools in Inner Sydney The Teachers Federation's overriding concern about this proposal was always that it was never going to grow public education or to stop the drift into private education. It was a defeatist plan and a plan that almost seemed to be designed to close schools in the future. For example, Leichhardt High School becoming a 7-10 Boys school would almost have guaranteed closure.
Posted: 21 May 2002
Campaign Bulletin Number 5 - 20 May 2002/ TAFE Version Number 3 - 20 May 2002/ Media release To: Federation Representatives & Principals 1. Signs - "The Issue is Public Education" Please ensure that your signs are displayed prominently from today. 2. The Minister Supports Public Education Day
Posted: 20 May 2002
Public Education Day will be held on Thursday 23 May 2002 Activities will be taking place in TAFE Colleges and schools across the country. It is important that TAFE teachers are heard on this day, in raising the issues around the importance of TAFE to industry and the community. There are many things that you can do on this day, or in the week following. Your branch might like to consider: a) holding a lunch/breakfast/BBQ with students, members of industry and the community
Posted: 17 May 2002
Budget cuts in TAFE must not be blamed on TAFE Teachers� salaries! It is critical that all TAFE TA Branches hold a meeting before 4 June, when the State Budget is handed down. If there is no additional funding in the budget to fully fund our pay rises, with 4% due on 1 July and then 5% on 1 January 2003, all TAFE TA members must be prepared to take industrial action.
Posted: 14 May 2002
latest faxstream to schools A fax has been sent to all schools for the attention of Federation Representatives and Principals 1. Celebrate Public Education - Support the Vinson Inquiry Leaflets have been mailed to all non-Metropolitan schools. Federation Representatives may need to check that the leaflets have been delivered to schools as they were not specifically addressed to the Federation Representative. Metropolitan schools have had their leaflets delivered (or soon will be).
Posted: 6 May 2002
Faxstream to Colleges - 6th May TAFE TA Council on May 10, TAFE teachers will consider industrial action in the event that the promised pay increases of 4% and 5% are not fully funded by the NSW Government. A Faxstream was sent to all TAFE College Federation Representatives. :-it deals with 2 important Issues.
Posted: 11 April 2002
Defend and Expand Public Education Public Education Campaign Bulletin Number 3
Posted: 13 March 2002
The focus of Public Education Day on May 23 will again be a celebration of the excellent work of teachers and students in our public schools and colleges. Public Education Campaign Bulletin Number 2 - 13 March 2002 To: Federation Representatives & Principals You are requested to plan activities on that day which involve parents and community members (a list of suggestions follows). Leaflets
Posted: 25 January 2002
a message to all TAFE Fed Reps The latest TAFE Federation Representatives 'TAFE issues update' has been faxed to all colleges. Federation Representatives are asked to distribute to all members. 1. New EC Forms and Underpayments
Posted: 30 November 2001
Representatives of Stewart House visited Bathurst today to accept the presentation of two quilts and present a plaque recognising the service of a local teacher. Students at Carenne School presented a quilt which they created to Stewart House Principal Linda Rapone. Members of a local quilters' group also presented a locally made quilt. The quilts were part of a project by the Quilters Guild of NSW and were organised by Carenne teacher Therese Patterson.
Posted: 13 November 2001
November 2001 edition of the Small Schools Newsletter Multi-stage units of work DET response
Posted: 31 October 2001
By Wayne Patterson Country Organiser Public school teacher unions across Australia are campaigning in the federal election. Members of the NSW Teachers Federation have organised a range of events and the union is running advertisements in the media. The Federation's federal election website provides details of activities and allows visitors to hear the radio ads.
Posted: 23 October 2001
Welcome to the TAFE Hotline. This message was posted on 23rd October and concerns important TAFE issues. 1. TAFE Federal Election Campaign TAFE TA is campaigning strongly around the Federal Elections. This includes:
Posted: 19 October 2001
The NSW Teachers Federation has established a new website to provide information about education issues during the federal election. The new website is located at