Posted: 17 October 2001
October 2001 edition of the Small Schools Newsletter "Building the Future" - An education plan for Inner Sydney The Small Schools Committee has written a letter to the Building the Future Committee in response to the Department of Education's draft proposal and the implications for the metropolitan area, or indeed the rural areas of NSW. Consider the following quotes from the "Building the Future" document.
Posted: 15 October 2001
Federal election mailout sent to Federation Representatives and Principals Dear Colleagues, The Federal Election will be held on Saturday 10 November, 2001. This election will be crucial to the future of public education in Australia. For over twelve months the New South Wales Teachers Federation has conducted a campaign around the need for the proper funding of public education and the important place of the public education system in our democratic society.
Posted: 5 October 2001
TAFE college Federation Representatives are asked to distribute the following information to as many members in their college as possible Permanency and Staffing Campaign Federation's 2001 Annual Conference determined that part time casual teaching hours need to be converted to permanent positions, so that 70% of teaching in NSW is by permanent teachers. Members are urged to pressure TAFE management to create more permanent positions, which could be filled by existing part time casuals.
Posted: 5 September 2001
Motorcycle & Scooter Cavalcade The 'turn the tide' bike ride is one of the activities that will occur as part of the Public Education Convention on Saturday 8th September. All motorcycle and scooter riders welcome. Participants in the bike ride are asked to meet at Driver Avenue, Moore Park (outside the SCG). The bike riders are expecting to depart betweeen 9.00am - 9.15am. The riders will travel to the Superdome, Homebush. The cavalcade will arrive between 10.00am - 10.15am at the Superdome.
Posted: 15 August 2001
The campaign against the Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill, passed in the Upper House of the NSW Parliament on June 29, continues. The Federation has issued Workers Compensation Bulletin number 7 which looks at the Bill, campaign developments and the contents of a kit to be sent to all worksites. The Bill is like a skeleton; it provides a framework for substantial changes to the operation of the Workers Compensation scheme. 1. Dispute Resolution
Posted: 3 August 2001
Bulletin No.9 The Public Education Convention is just a few weeks away. It will be a chance for over 10,000 supporters of public education to hear from the leaders of the Federal political parties about their policies for public education and for them to hear from us. The Convention is your chance to publicly demonstrate your support for the public education system and to help convince Federal political parties that it needs to be properly funded by any future Australian Government.
Posted: 31 July 2001
The first meeting of the Federation Special Education Restricted Committee took place over 14-15 June 2001. The meeting was very busy and successful. Members of the Committee are: - Robert Deacon (Chair) Lawrence Hargraves SSP Ellenor Wadsworth Casino PS
Posted: 6 July 2001
By Phil Bradley Assistant General Secretary -Post Schools Welcome to the TAFE Hotline. This message was recorded at 1.00 pm on 6th July and concerns proposed WorkCover changes, important Award and other matters. Workers Compensation Changes
Posted: 27 June 2001
  By Wayne Patterson Over 60 teachers, parents and community leaders attended a Public Education Forum held in Orange on Monday. Bev Baker, President of the Federation of P&Cs and NSW Teachers Federation President, Sue Simpson, addressed the meeting. Murray Patterson, principal of Molong Central School spoke on behalf of the Orange District Secondary Principal's Council.
Posted: 27 June 2001
By Wayne Patterson Over 60 teachers, parents and community leaders attended a Public Education Forum held in Orange on Monday. Bev Baker, President of the Federation of P&Cs and NSW Teachers Federation President, Sue Simpson, addressed the meeting. Murray Patterson, principal of Molong Central School spoke on behalf of the Orange District Secondary Principal's Council.
Posted: 26 June 2001
BULLETIN 6- 26 June 2001 Media reports that the concerns over the Workers Compensation Amendment Bill were resolved yesterday are wrong. The meeting of the State Labor Advisory Council (SLAC) did result in some minor improvements to the Bill but significant differences remain. The major issues affecting teachers remain. (a) The Workers Compensation Commission will replace the Workers Compensation Court. It is not independent, sets limits on appeal processes and has to consider workers' claims on a cost basis.
Posted: 25 June 2001
Bulletin sent to all Federation Representatives on 22 June, 2001 The "Vinson" Inquiry Federation thanks everyone who attended the launch of the Independent Inquiry into the Provision of Public Education in NSW. The Inquiry was well-received by the community and the media. Even the Minister publicly declared an intention to cooperate with the Inquiry.
Posted: 22 June 2001
  Bulletin 5 -- 22 June, 2001  The Labor Council of New South Wales and affiliated unions have endorsed a state-wide Sky Channel meeting for Wednesday morning, 27 June 2001. The meeting will be broadcast from 9.00am to 9.40am. Details of venues are still being finalised and will be forwarded to you by fax on Monday, 25 June 2001. This action has unanimous support of all New South Wales unions.
Posted: 20 June 2001
To Federation Representatives Bulletin 4 -- 19 June, 2001 Government Reneges on Workers Compensation After negotiations with the Government unions affiliated with the Labor Council of NSW resolved unanimously to put forward a framework for resolution of the dispute. Minister Della Bosca on 21 May wrote to the Labor Council indicating "that after discussions with the Premier and other colleagues, the framework outlined is acceptable."
Posted: 19 June 2001
By Labor Council of NSW The NSW Labor Council's Workers Compensation Committee today announced the following industrial response to the Carr Government's proposal to introduce amendments to the workers compensation scheme into State Parliament this week. * A peaceful picket of State Parliament which all staff and MPs will be asked to observe. Media with offices in the building will be exempted.
Posted: 5 June 2001
By Wayne Patterson Country Organiser Teachers from across the state met in Sydney on 2 June to discuss the Ramsey report, 'Quality Matters.' The report goes well beyond questions relating to teacher education and has important implications for those currently teaching in schools.
Posted: 28 May 2001
  This message contains information about the candlelight vigil and the launch of the Independent Review into the Organisation of Public Education Thank you for phoning the schools hotline. This message was recorded at 12.50pm on Monday 28 May 2001. It is about upcoming major events in the Federation's Public Education Campaign.
Posted: 23 May 2001
The progress of negotiations was reported to affiliates at an all unions meeting of the Labor Council on 17 May. Federation Council on 12 May condemned the Government for its attempt to undermine the rights of workers. It identified key areas of concern for teachers by establishing an administrative system which would:
Posted: 18 May 2001
  Teachers and parents will support and facilitate an Independent Review into the Organisation of Public Education. The review panel will tour the state holding hearings and taking submissions. The review will be launched statewide at: 9.00am Wednesday 13 June 2001
Posted: 18 May 2001
This is the first Small Schools Newsletter for 2001. The Small School's Committee operates within the Federation to improve the conditions for teachers and children in small schools throughout NSW. All teachers in small schools are encouraged to contact the Committee (at NSW Teacher's Federation, Locked Bag 3010, Darlinghurst 1300 or by fax on 02 9217 2470), if there are matters you believe need to be addressed. The members of the Committee at present are: *John Hetherington, Wirrimah Public School Tel:63839214 Fax:63839264
Posted: 12 May 2001
By Phil Bradley Assistant General Secretary - Post schools unit Federation is still negotiating with DET regarding implementation of the Annual Review provisions in the new Award (Clause 6).
Posted: 1 May 2001
A fax message has been sent to TAFE Fed Reps concerning workers compensation and other matters.
Posted: 20 April 2001
By John Dixon Teachers are specifically affected by the government's changes to workers compensation. The proposed loss of access to benefits related to stress and psychological injuries make up a significant proportion of workers compensation claims the Federation takes up on behalf of its members.
Posted: 5 April 2001
The Government tabled the 'Workers Compensation Amendment Legislation Bill' on Thursday 29 March. Compensation Slashed Under the bill, proposed by John Della Bosca, Minister for Industrial Relations, it is much harder to receive compensation for pain and suffering or to take action against a negligent employer.
Posted: 2 April 2001
By Wayne Patterson Country Organiser Members are urged to write to their local state MPs and the Teacher Housing Authority seeking a reversal of the decision by the THA to discontinue the provision of furniture in THA units. The decision to discontinue the provision of furniture has implications for both individual members and the staffing of country schools.