O'Farrell government slashes $1.7 billion from public education

The NSW premier, Barry O'Farrell, announced today that the state government is slashing $1.7 billion from public schools and TAFE colleges in NSW.

President of the Teachers Federation, Maurie Mulheron said:

"Today's announcement reveals the government's true agenda in introducing its "Local Schools Local Decisions" policy, that is ripping resources out of public education, using weasel words like 'local decision-making', 'realignments' and 'efficiencies'.

"This government is a disgrace. It has no commitment to supporting quality public education.

"The government has been misleading the community by repeatedly stating that its Local Schools Local Decisions policy is not about cutting funding to public education. The truth has now been revealed.

"While teachers in classrooms will apparently be left alone for now, this is not the case for teachers providing essential support in curriculum and other areas, or TAFE teachers.

"In addition, staff providing essential support in schools, including 'front-office' staff, will be removed. Parents should be angered that it will be more difficult for basic administrative work including answering the phone at schools to be achieved, as it appears almost every school will suffer cuts in this area.

"The government had previously announced cuts to cleaning of public schools.

"In TAFE, students face increased fees and course reductions.

"The announcement maintains state government funding to private schools while cutting funding to public education by $1.7 billion."

Maurie Mulheron talks about the announcement in the recording below:

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