Posted: 6 December 2011
At the ACTU Secure Jobs breakfast meeting before the start of the ALP National Conference, TAFE teachers and other workers told Federal Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs and Workplace Relations Minister Chris Evans of the problems faced by  living with insecure work. TAFE teachers a Qantas Pilot, Western Sydney University lecturer and other workers addressed the ACTU Secure Jobs breakfast to tell their stories of facing a future with insecure employment.
Posted: 6 December 2011
School and TAFE teachers joined nurses, police, electricity workers and other public sector workers at the Central Coast Community Rally outside Premier O’Farrell’s Community Cabinet Meeting at Gosford RSL on Monday 5th December.
Posted: 2 December 2011
This afternoon in the Industrial Relations Commission, Justice Kavanagh granted a pay increase to school teachers by adjusting salary and allowances by 2.5% from the first pay after 1 January 2012. President of the NSW Teachers Federation Bob Lipscombe said: “We welcome this decision and note that because of the O’Farrell government’s legislation the Commission was unable to grant any increase above 2.5% at this time.With the IRC declining to extend the term of the current award, teachers will be able to continue to pursue professional and attractive salaries.
Posted: 1 December 2011
The judgement on the schools' salaries award will now come down at 4.15 on Friday 2 December, instead of at 3pm today as previously notified.
Posted: 30 November 2011
This morning the Federation and the DEC appeared before Justice Kavanagh in the Industrial Relations Commission in relation to the Schools Award. This was the latest appearance arising from the failed attempt by the DEC to get orders and directions against the Federation immediately prior to 2 November stoppage. Late yesterday the Department served the Federation with an application for a new Award. The proposed new Award provides increases of only 2.5% p.a. to schools salaries and allowances for 2012 and 2013.
Posted: 29 November 2011
All members should be aware that the proposal outlined in the Director-General’s email last night was provided to the Federation on a "without prejudice" basis for discussion only. This normally means that it is provided on a confidential basis. Importantly, although representatives of the DEC orally advised Federation Senior Officers of the proposal late last week, the DEC has refused to provide the Federation with a copy of the proposal in writing. Instead, the Director-General chose to email an incomplete version directly to you last night.
Posted: 28 November 2011
While delegates to the ALP national conference, to be held between 2 and 4 December, will be debating the development and/or refinement of party policy, various members of the public will be taking the opportunity to influence ALP policy position on a number of matters. Numerous representatives across a range of organisations will gather outside the conference seeking delegate support for progressive policy on a number of issues including marriage equality rights, rights for asylum seekers and refugees, and corporate social responsibility.
Posted: 24 November 2011
Discussions continued at a meeting between the Department of Education and Communities and the Federation today. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 28 November.
Posted: 23 November 2011
On Friday 18 November ACTU President, Ged Kearney, spoke to TAFETA Council about the growing crisis of insecure work in Australia and the ACTU’s Secure Jobs, Better Future campaign. NSW TAFE has one of the largest casualised staff in the world with over 70% of delivery undertaken by teachers employed on a casual basis. Many of these teachers have been working for TAFE for many years some for over ten years, yet they still do not have the security of permanent work.
Posted: 23 November 2011
The Federation's Senior Officers met with the DEC salaries negotiation team yesterday at 9am at the Federation building. Talks are continuing. The next salaries negotiations are planned for Thursday 24th November at Federation House. An update will be posted after this time.
Posted: 20 November 2011
NSW Teachers Federation President, Bob Lipscombe said yesterday, after the statewide Council meeting of the Federation: "Professional and attractive salaries must be maintained if the O'Farrell government is to properly staff NSW public schools and TAFE colleges with appropriately qualified and experienced teaching staff.
Posted: 17 November 2011
The Department of Education and Communities (DEC) has proposed savings to fund for school teachers a mere 0.12 per cent salary increase above the standard 2.5 per cent contained in the government's public sector wages policy.
Posted: 15 November 2011
On Friday 11 November, the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) made a new salaries offer to school teachers that removed any reference to Local Schools Local Decisions.
Posted: 15 November 2011
The statewide staffing system is the promise to parents that a qualified teacher will be appointed to every class that every child in a NSW public school learns in.
Posted: 14 November 2011
On Tuesday November 15, parents, teachers and principals will come together to send a clear message about the importance of additional funding for public schools.
Posted: 8 November 2011
A report by a major Australian recruitment firm predicts a shortage of trained professionals in  health and education over the next decade.  The information was published in the September Quarter Clarius Group, KPMG-Econtech Labour Skills Index.
Posted: 4 November 2011
The Federation today rejected the so-called independent evaluation of the 47 school pilot of increased school based decision making as little more than an opinion survey and a political deceit.  
Posted: 3 November 2011
A delegation from the NSW Teachers Federation TAFE Teachers Association is in Canberra today to lobby federal MPs in NSW marginal seats in opposition to TAFE privatisation proposals. Peter de Graaff, Teachers Federation Assistant General Secretary (Post School Education) said today: “Everybody in NSW already has an entitlement to access a government funded place in a TAFE college for high quality training with low fees.
Posted: 2 November 2011
Teachers Federation President, Bob Lipscombe has said after today’s teacher stopwork meeting: “This morning thousands of teachers across NSW overwhelmingly rejected the O’Farrell government’s proposed cut to the real incomes of teachers employed in public schools, TAFE colleges and other public sector areas."
Posted: 31 October 2011
Government to slash public school and TAFE teachers' salaries A month after its own policy required the O’Farrell Government to commence negotiations, it has finally put a salaries proposal to the NSW Teachers Federation which will slash the real incomes of NSW public school, TAFE and other teachers.
Posted: 28 October 2011
This week, teachers and students in TAFE colleges around NSW have been celebrating National TAFE Week. 
Posted: 25 October 2011
Teachers and students in TAFE colleges around NSW are currently celebrating TAFE Week, which started on Monday 24 October. This week celebrates the important contribution TAFE makes to the community and economy by entitling everyone in NSW to public, high quality vocational education and training, with low fees.
Posted: 24 October 2011
At these meetings members will consider any offer from the government, as well as hear reports on any negotiations which are underway. If no offer is available, the meetings will consider recommendations for further industrial action.  
Posted: 19 October 2011
Responding to "Local Schools, Local Decisions" Federation encourages members to respond to the Department of Education and Communities’ consultation paper on increased school based decision making – ‘Local Schools, Local Decisions’. In addition, members in school workplaces are urged to endorse and send the statement in the Federation’s information guide – ‘Doing more in NSW public schools with less funding from government?’  The closing date for responses is 18 November, 2011.
Posted: 19 October 2011
Despite approaches by the Federation, the O’Farrell government has failed to commence salaries negotiations with your union to replace awards which expire at the end of this year. Importantly, it has failed to respond to a written request to commence negotiations at the beginning of October with any proposed commencement date.