Members across NSW endorse a new award

Members at 209 venues across NSW voted overwhelmingly to endorse the terms of settlement for a new three year Salaries and Conditions Award for public school teachers to begin from January 1, 2014.

96% of members voted to endorse the Executive recommendation at stop work meetings held this morning.

The new Award provides annual salary increases, preserves all current working conditions, and protects the teaching standards and qualifications that underpin teachers’ professional status. Key features include:

• the maximum annual increases allowable under state law - 2.27%, 2.0% and 2.15% - for the next three years; these will be increased to 2.5% per annum, if the NSW Government fails in its attempts to avoid paying the employer’s contribution to the increased superannuation guarantee levy;

• from 2016, classroom teachers will earn a projected $45,000 more for working nine years on the new 7 step pay scale, compared with nine years on the current 9 step scale;

• from 2016, a new, higher classification with a salary over $100,000 for teachers who wish to continue working at classroom teacher level rather than seek promotion to an executive position;

• alignment of teaching standards, qualifications and professional learning with the national framework for performance and development, with revised teacher efficiency procedures;

• protects the status of small schools by retaining the position of principal, with current release time for those principals also preserved.

Federation President said,

“While we have secured current working conditions and maintained high teaching standards and qualifications in this Award, the meetings condemned the NSW Government’s legislative changes that impose a salary cap of 2.5% per annum on public sector employees through the state wages policy. Members committed to a community based campaign throughout 2014 against the O’Farrell Government’s wage cap.

“A further insult is the discounting of the 2.5% to take into account the compulsory superannuation guarantee.”


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