Teachers Make A Difference: Cinema and TV advertisements

The Teachers Federation's Teachers Make A Difference TV and cinema advertisements are being broadcast across NSW in a renewed cinema and TV campaign running between mid-November and the end of January.

These ads are funded by members via their contribution to the Public Education Fund, which is devoted solely to the positive promotion of public education.

"Last Day"  will run in cinemas from the week commencing 16 Nov to the week commencing 14 December inclusive.

From the week commencing 21 December to that beginning 25 January 2015, it will switch to "First Day".

Attached are:

(i)   the television schedule for metropolitan Sydney and regional NSW, showing the full programming detail;

(ii)  the cinema schedule. The movies with will vary over time. At present it includes recent releases Interstellar, The Best of Me, Kill The Messenger, This Is When I Leave You, Fury, Gone Girl, The Judge, John Wick, Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed. Movies to be released over the next two months include the Christmas and Boxing Day block busters. We will attempt to post here actual movies as they become known throughout the campaign period. 

The campaign is weighted more towards adult titles but some family movies are also included to take advantage of the school holiday timing, with parents taking their children to movies during the holidays.

In all, they will be shown on 1,260 cinema screens in Sydney and 492 in regional centres. 

You can also see the ads here:

Last Day

First Day


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