Middle Childhood Survey

The Teachers Federation is encouraging year 6 teachers and primary school principals to participate in the Middle Childhood Survey to be administered to year 6 students in Term 3. The online questionnaire will gather information on the mental health and well-being of students in year 6, the same student cohort that was assessed under the 2009 AEDI (Australian Early Development Index). 

Researchers will therefore be able to study a cohort of students over time and provide compelling evidence of the strengths and needs of our students.  Such evidence can assist Federation campaigns for better resourcing of school welfare programs.

The DEC, NSW Family and Community Services and NSW Health have been partners in the development of the Survey.  Federation has participated in a stakeholder reference group that has contributed to the design and administration of the survey. 

The team behind the NSW Child Development Study have written an article for Education. It can be read here.

In this video, Federation President, Maurie Mulheron encourages schools to take part, and Professor Vaughan Carr from UNSW speaks about the study; he explains the nature of the study, what's expected of teachers and students as well as the merits of the survey.

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