Salaries for school principals in 2016

Federation is currently negotiating with the Department of Education on the implementation of the new principal classification structure for 2016.

Federation has clarified its position on key issues related to salaries for school principals in 2016 in an Industrial Bulletin emailed to members on 16 September, 2015. (See link below)

Information in the bulletin includes:

  • Federation’s reasons for opposing the Local Schools, Local Decisions policy and a school budget-based principal classification structure;
  • Ensuring that the new classification structure is implemented according to Section 5.3 of the Terms of Settlement for the current Salaries and Conditions Award;
  • Federation’s intention to make a claim for a return to a student enrolment-based principal classification structure in negotiations for the next Award;
  • Protection of small school principal positions;
  • Staffing implications of the new principal classification structure.

Industrial Bulletin (September 16, 2015) on Salaries for School Principals

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