Messages of solidarity - QTU stop work for students in detention

Yesterday teachers took stop work action and rallied with their school community in support of Mojgan, a refugee student who is now facing deportation back to Iran just months before completing Year 12.

Please see link below to the QTU article written about Mojgan by her teacher, as well as email contacts for messages of support.

The latest statistics (September 30) show that there are currently 94 children held in Australian funded detention facilities in Nauru and 113 children held in detention facilities on Australia’s mainland.

These statistics above will soon go up – as many pregnant women give birth – their babies will be born into Australia’s immigration detention system. Many families detained in Australia who have come here for medical treatment are slated for removal to Nauru. The average time spent in detention, according to the Government’s own statistics, has now reached 417 days, which is quite simply – unacceptable.

We must end the regime of Mandatory Detention in our name and afford those currently in detention the same compassion as has been shown to those arriving from Syria. The 7000 refugees arriving in NSW over the next 2 years will have a permanent residence visa which will allow them to stay in Australia indefinitely, work and study in Australia, enrol in Medicare, access certain social security payments, apply for Australian citizenship (after they have lived in Australia for four years), propose family members for permanent residence and attend English language classes.

Federation’s October Council passed a motion of support for Abyan, a pregnant 23 year old Somali refugee who was raped in Nauru and sought medical treatment in Australia to terminate the pregnancy. Following significant public pressure, the government reversed its original decision and allowed Abyan to come to Australia to seek medical attention. Click here for Federation’s council decision on this matter.

Please pass a motion of solidarity for our friends at Yeronga State High School and the QTU, for Mojgan and of course for all children in detention.

More Information

Mojgan's teacher has written a story about her case in the QTU journal here.
More information and email contacts here.
Free Mojgan campaign facebook page here.
Facebook photo gallery here.

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