Major gains in the new School Staffing Agreement

The NSW Teachers Federation has negotiated a new, strengthened Staffing Agreement for all NSW public schools, to be implemented from the start of term 2, 2016 to the end of Term 1, 2020.

This is a significant achievement.

It is rare to find another educational jurisdiction anywhere in the world that has such a regulated, state-wide staffing system that ensures security, stability and equity for students, teachers and schools.

In a related move, the Department has committed to working with Federation to develop a new promotions system in the first six months of this year. This is an important opportunity to develop long overdue and much needed reform of the way teachers are promoted to leadership positions.

The Staffing Agreement provides significant benefits for students, teachers and schools, including:

  • Class sizes protected;
  • Transfer system maintained;
  • Permanency in teacher employment protected;    
  • Enabling additional permanent teacher positions to be created with Gonski funding; 
  • More rigorous monitoring of schools’ compliance with the staffing procedures.    

Gary Zadkovich, Deputy President, explains key features of the new agreement below:


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